MFA Alum American Artist to Feature in Group Show at Pfizer Building

Are We In Sync?

Pfizer Building

April 18—May 4, 2018

Opening Reception Thursday April 19, 6—9 PM

630 Flushing Ave, 4th Fl

Brooklyn NY 11206

Mother of All Demos, 2018, from Black Gooey Universe, HOUSING, Brooklyn, NY.

Curated by Elammar, Jesse Firestone, Xinyi Ren, María Alejandra Sáenz, Michele Thursz and Andrea Valencia

Artists: William Aparicio, American Artist, Monika Bravo, Magdalena Dukiewicz, Material Girls, Edwin Isford, Willy Le Maitre, Pedro Mesa, Bridget Moser, Lisa Oppenheim, Phoebe Osborne, Ale de la Puente, Juan Pablo de la Vega, Zhang He Ming.

Are We in Sync? brings together more than a dozen artists from six countries whose work explores alternative constructs and perceptions of time. These works expand the notion of time beyond a universal structure defined by dominant economic and technological forces. This artificial narrowing of time creates a palpable anxiety and alienation fueled by the urgency to maximize efficiency while minimizing imperfections. The works presented serve as a reminder that time is not limited to a singular rhythm and goals, but instead encompasses all aspects of life from the cosmological to the social.

Some of the works in the exhibition employ a range of techniques that dilate time through discrete encounters with sound and imagery, prompting questions about duration, pace, and synchronicity. Others harken back to an idea of time that is in tune with organic processes of decay, or question the ways in which time can be measured. Additionally, social interactions and collaborative happenings consider the ways time is shared among people through physical proximity and within virtual communities. Taken together, Are We in Sync? presents a matrix of temporal possibilities to remind us that there is no single way to embody time.

This show is on view by appointment only. Learn more and find contact info here.