Looking at Water

LOOKING AT WATER: Conversations w/ artists and scientists

Observational Practices Lab @ Parsons

A series of three online panel discussions with artists and scientists about what they see when they look at a glass of water.

It is well documented that we are living in a critical moment of climate crisis–the Anthropocene is often portrayed through images of catastrophic wildfires, ice shelves breaking into the sea, drought-stricken landscapes. But how is global warming embedded in everyday objects and transmitted through habits of perception? How can observational research from across the visual arts and sciences engender new insights into the climate crisis?

Initiated by the Observational Practices Lab, “Looking at Water” begins with a commonly overlooked object–a glass of water–and explores how artists and scientists use the tools and methods of their practice to observe it and document the results.

Panel #1, October 1st, 10-11am EST
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Matthew Brandt (Photographer)
fields harrington (Artist)
Elizabeth Hénaff (Computational Biologist)
Sherri Mason (Chemist)

Panel #2, October 22nd, 10-11am EST
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Sze Tsung Nicolás Leong (Visual Artist)
Brianna Rita Pagán (Space Ecohydrologist)
Mark Stoeckle (Environmental Geneticist)

Panel #3, November 5th, 10-11am EST
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Derya Akkaynak (Oceanographer)
Alexander Robinson (Landscape Architect)
Batia Suter (Visual Artist)


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