“Let’s Talk About Sex” 25 East Student Show Opening Tonight, 6-8pm

As human beings our sex drive engages interactions with other human beings, but what happens when an individual’s sexual desires clash with that of another’s? With multiple mediums, we examine the politics of intimacy and restriction within interpersonal relationships and question the limitations of sexuality. We discuss these sectors from our unique perspective of how we interact with society based on our gender identity and cultural values that limit and/or expand our sexuality.

The exhibition will run from November 14 – December 2nd. Please join us on November 14th from 6-8pm for the opening reception at 25 East Gallery @ 25 E 13th Street, 5th floor, for light snacks and beverages. There will be a participatory aspect to the event where you will be able to return to the exhibition to see the results. We welcome and encourage your participation.

Artists included: Catherine Fenton Bernath, Luma Jasim, Shenyuan Ke, Daniel Llaria, Verity Mackenzie, Lisa McCleary, Lydia Nobles, Amy Dos Santos, Gregory Simoncic