James Hsieh to Feature in Group Show BIG FUN ART!


Annemarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center

February 16—September 23, 2018

5—8 PM

13470 Dowell Road

Dowell MD 20629

Parsons MFA Fine Arts Alum James Hsieh ’17 will be featuring his work in BIG FUN ART!, a group exhibition at Annemarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center in Maryland.

Let’s take a break from the news of global doom and gloom and celebrate BIG FUN ART! Bright colors, bold scales, and a playful spirit are just what we need to distract us from the worries of the day. Inspired by the likes of Yayoi Kusama, and the recent addition to Annmarie Sculpture Garden of a work by Taiwanese artist, Hung Yi, BIG FUN ART! has a jovial and exuberant spirit. There may be a profound subtext, but on the surface this exhibit is all about works that have a boldness in color, an exaggeration in scale, abundance in repetition, dynamic in pattern, or playful in subject. It’s all about the joy!

Read more about the show via Annemarie Sculpture Garden and see more of Hsieh’s work here.