Gyun Hur in Exhibition at 601Artspace

Fine Arts faculty member Gyun Hur is featured in the group exhibition In Absentia at 601Artspace (88 Eldridge Street, New York), on view from February 10th to April 14, 2024. The exhibition’s opening reception will be held on February 9, from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Gyun Hur, Composition of us and the river – “liken it to the dance,” 2021 – present, Casted glass, river water, and breastmilk.

In Absentia is curated by Eliana Blechman, and features the work of artists Gyun Hur, Juliana Cerqueira Leite, Priscilla Dobler-Dzul, Ani Liu, Joiri Minaya, and Barb Smith.

From the Curator’s Statement: “We hold stories in our bodies, leaving traces of ourselves and our histories as we move through spaces. Those remnants left behind can be loud, infiltrating a room, or they can be soft, subtle, nearly imperceptible. In Absentia focuses on these spatial traces, exploring nontraditional modes of portraiture through the conspicuous absence of the body. The artists in this exhibition use bodily impressions, remnants, and residues to explore personal and social themes of loss and mourning, historical memory, unseen labor, and desire. In removing the physical body, the artists emphasize experiences and contexts that are traditionally overlooked, inviting the viewer to consider the remaining empty spaces or materials more closely. Despite removing corporeality from their work, the artists’ bodies become even more present. It is not by design, but noteworthy, that all of the artists in this exhibition are women. Ongoing debates over women’s bodily autonomy surface in many of the works, as does the goal of preserving and protecting histories and culture. These artists are storytellers, memory keepers, and caretakers of personal and public knowledge.”

Learn more about the exhibition here and  visit Gyun’s website here. Congratulations, Gyun!