Florence Trust Winter Open 2015

Opening: Friday 30th January, 6-9pm
Open: 31st January – 1st February, 12-6pm


Florence Trust, St Saviour’s, Aberdeen Park, Highbury, London, N5 2AR.

Fabio Lattanzi Antinori
Phoebe Boswell
Kirsty Buchanan
Ting-Tong Chang
Susannah Douglas
Tim Lee
Natalia Trivino Lozano
William Martin
Jonathan Munro
Cara Nahaul
Anna Jung Seo
Francis Olvez Wilshaw

The Florence Trust is delighted to welcome you to the opening of the Winter Open on Friday 30th January 2015 from 6-9pm. The Winter Open takes place at the mid-way point through our twelve artists’ year-long residency at the Trust and is the public’s first chance to explore their studios.

This year we welcome international artists from as far away as Columbia and Taiwan all of whom were selected on the strength and potential of their practice. This is a great opportunity to meet our artists and see how their work is developing and responding to the space and the artistic community.

Mulled wine and drinks will be available through the night.

Download images of FT 15 artist’s work here or visit our website here.

For more information about the Florence Trust’s Winter Open or to arrange a tour of the exhibition with our Director, e-mail Neil Jefferies atneil@florencetrust.org