Fine Arts Spring 2023 Open Studios

Parsons Fine Arts Spring 2023 Open Studios

25 East 13th Street, Between University Place and 5th Avenue

MFA Graduate Studios, 5th floor

BFA Senior Studios, 4th floor

Thursday, March 9, 6 – 9pm



Parsons Fine Arts is thrilled to open its doors for an in-person, on-campus Spring 2023 MFA and BFA Open Studios! We welcome members of the public and The New School Community on Thursday, March 9, 6 – 9pm.


MFA Fine Arts Open Studios

The MFA Fine Arts program at Parsons dedicates itself to creating an environment for our students to have freedom of their artistic expressions. The Open Studios provides a rare opportunity to view what our vibrant community has been working on. In this informal meeting visitors will be able to participate in discourse and gain insight into the diverse practices within our studio art program that embraces interdisciplinary, experimentation, intellectual rigor and innovation.

Artists: Shining Zhu, Xianfan Zhu, Noah Zhou, Zhenyu Zhang, Yifei Wang, Ryan Van Der Hout, Richard Valentin, Sabrina Thompson, Chelsea Steinberg Gay, Beki Song, Michelle Silva, Rose Silberman-Gorn, Fahmy Shahin, Sej Sanghvi, Anna Samara, Shay Salehi, Pauline Rossignol, Gino Romero, Lilly Reyes, Valeria Domingo Rajme, Nat Peterson, Libby Paloma, Victoria Norton, Henrik Nordahl, Hali Nelson, Ash Moniz, Luke McCusker, Summer McCroskey, Parisa Mah, Ziqi Li, Meiqi Kong, Molly Bliss Kiefer, Jordan Homstad, Lisa Hennig-Olsen, Katie Chin, Mari Rios Cacua, Anahita Bagheri, Bel Andrade, Aliya Al-Adwani, Ashleigh Abbott


BFA Senior Open Studios

The BFA Fine Arts program guides students to discover their artistic voice, familiarizing them with traditional techniques of painting, drawing, sculpture, and video, as well as interdisciplinary methods that can include performance, multimedia installation, and digital interaction. Electives and internships in topics such as art history, theory, and professional practices broaden their perspective and prepare them for a successful future in the field.


Artists: Alessandra Del Gatto, Alessandra Rake, Andy Wei, Anna Scola, Anukriti Agrawal, Camille Morillo Aquino, Caroline Galderisi, Caroline Kindelt, Cece Choe, Chantal Shen, Chelsey Davillier, Chloe Yoon, Dixie Law, Ella Rose Ledyard, Ellie Anhalt, Emma Kanne, Em[m]anuel Auerbach-Baidani, Gabrielle Tiongco, Geeweon Min, Gordon Ng, Grayson Colbert, Hank Olyphant, Hayley Antonelli, Ieva Lygnugaryte, Ingrid Lu, Jane Buffo, Jane Ha, Jude Welch, Julissa Norman, Kaye Weber, Kyle Penner, Koh Maeda, Lia Sachs, Lily Wyle, Margaux Halloran, Megan Lewis, Melanie Wu, Miao Yu, Opal Wortmann, Patricia Geyerhahn, Paula Wang, Priscilla Villacres, Rosabel Ferber, Sanaa Debose, Shaoyu Zhang, Sienna Eve Bent, Tarshaa Krishnaraj, Tiyana Mitchell, Trinity Fima, Vic Walsh, Viva Vilar, Yiying Wang


Parsons Fine Arts MFA is a dynamic two-year, cross-disciplinary program committed to expanding the formal, intellectual and conceptual dimensions of emerging artists’ work. We foster studio-based research and scholarship that extends the boundaries of contemporary cultural expression, developed through a global understanding of the arts. Parsons Fine Arts is committed to diversity among students and faculty that provides a potent learning community. Housed within both Parsons School of Design and The New School University, the Fine Arts program is uniquely positioned within a progressive educational environment. Our international student body has access to a wide spectrum of activities, ranging from rigorous formal and aesthetic investigations to cross-disciplinary collaborations with design, performing arts and humanities students, to public forums that address pressing social and political concerns.


Parsons Fine Arts is home to an active, international faculty whose work has been included in the Whitney Biennial, Documenta, the Sharjah Biennial and the Sydney Biennale; and exhibited in institutions such as the Arko Art Center, Seoul and the Museum of Modern Art, New York. Additionally our Visiting Artist Lecture Series and our Critic and Curator Series features renowned, multidisciplinary artists, curators and critics who are available for one-on-one visits or intimate conversations with graduate students. This culture of dialogical exchange supports our graduate students to redefine the cutting edge of Contemporary Art. The 2022/23 Visiting Artists Lecture Series features Shaun Leonardo, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Arghavan Khosravi, Laurie Kang, Jules Gimbrone, Institute for Queer Ecology, Eugene Ofori Agyei, Valerio Rocco Orlando, Steve Lambert, Dora Budor, Jordan Strafer, Victoria Fu, ektor garcia and Melissa Joseph. 


For more information, please visit For MFA information please contact Program Director H Lan Thao Lam For BFA information please contact Co-Directors Selena Kimball and Rit Premnath