Fine Arts Faculty Johannah Herr to Open Solo Show “Patented Distraction”

Opens Saturday September 15, 7-10pm
1196 Myrtle Ave. Brooklyn
Elijah Wheat Showroom is delighted to present a solo exhibition by Johannah Herr entitled, “Patenting Distraction” opening Saturday, September 15 from 7pm-10pm. The work is a series of vinyl drawings based on Directed-Energy Weapons— weapons that use beams of highly focused energy waves (such as sound or light) to incapacitate a target. These types of weapons are used in various capacities by US military and police for crowd control during rallies, protests and public gatherings. Behind the works on display, the gallery will be transformed with vinyl wallpaper that deliberately initiates a Moirré effect. The diagram-based panels overtly and subliminally display deeply researched US government issued patents. ‘Incapacitation through visual and sonic overload’ is allegorical for both current political discourse and rampant consumerism. Herr aims to critically engage power structures that distract citizens into complacency. Or alternatively, fatigue their resistance into compliance. The ‘Figure’ of each diagram corresponds to mainstream American ideology while the labeling of the diagrams’ components corresponds to the historical contexts of power and exploitation. Exposing the myths that underlie and obfuscate these ideological tropes. The viewer is drawn in by holographic and metallic sign materials while becoming dazzled by optical and patterned backdrops. As a result, the drawings are hard to look at, just as it has become difficult to ground oneself within a world constructed by spectacular government and corporate manipulation. 
Exhibition runs through October 28th.
Find the full press release here.