Fine Arts and Photo Faculty Arthur Ou to Feature at QI 2018: Volumes

Queens International 2018: Volumes

Opening Reception: Sunday, October 7, 2—5pm

Flushing Meadows Corona Park · Queens, NY 11368 · USA

Join us for the opening reception of the Queens International 2018: Volumes and a new iteration of the performance Rosy-Crimson by participating artist Kim Hoeckele. There will be a free shuttle between the Museum and Mets-Willets Point stop on the 7 train running from 1:30–5:30pm.

Since it began in 2002, the Queens Museum’s Queens International has highlighted the artistic production of Queens in a major group exhibition approximately every two years. The eighth iteration Queens International 2018: Volumes opens on October 7* and will include 43 Queens-connected artists and collectives representing 15 neighborhoods and several generations, and for the first time, a partnership with the Queens Library. QI 2018 explores the concept of collecting, accumulating and distributing information, bridging together two important sites of knowledge-sharing: libraries and museums. See below for the list of participating artists whose works respond to sites throughout the entire museum and select Queens Library branches.

Damali Abrams (b. 1979)
Haley Bueschlen (b. 1985)
Gabo Camnitzer (b. 1984)
Emmy Catedral (b. 1982)
Camel Collective (Anthony Graves and Carla Herrera-Prats) (formed 2005)
U. Kanad Chakrabarti (b. 1974)
Jesse Chun (b. 1984)
Oscar Rene Cornejo (b. 1982)
Chris Domenick (b. 1982)
rayferreira (b. 1991)
Brian Droitcour and Christine
Wong Yap (b. 1980, 1977)
Christina Freeman (b. 1983)
Milford Graves (b. 1941)
Janet Henry (b. 1947)
Camille Hoffman (b. 1987)
Kim Hoeckele (1980)
Heidi Howard and Liz Phillips (b. 1986, 1951)
Qiren Hu (b. 1983)
Juan Iribarren (b. 1956)
Peter Kaspar (b. 1983)
Paolo Javier and David Mason (b. 1974, 1976)
Patrick Killoran (b. 1972)
Ernesto Klar (b. 1976)
Essye Klempner (b. 1984)
Mo Kong (b. 1989)
Ani Liu (b. 1986)
Umber Majeed (b. 1989)
Emilio Martinez Poppe (b. 1993)
Gloria Maximo (b. 1978)
Asif Mian (b. 1978)
Wardell Milan (b. 1977)
Beatrice Modisett (b. 1985)
Arthur Ou (b. 1974)
KT Pe Benito (b. 1994)
Gabriela Salazar (b. 1981)
Raycaster (Ziv Schneider and ~shirinanlen) (b. 1984, 1985)
Jaret Vadera (b. 1976)
Mary A. Valverde (b. 1975)
Cullen Washington (b. 1972)
Jack Whitten (b. 1939 d. 2017)

Beginning at 2:30pm, Kim Hoeckele’s performance piece, Rosy-Crimson (2016-2018), represents her ongoing research into the fragmentary and transient nature of language and meaning. The work stemmed from a close reading of the 3000-year-old Greek epic poem The Odyssey, which was originally spoken aloud to an audience before being set down in writing centuries later. The subject of this poem is the hero Odysseus’ long journey home to his wife. Comparing its multiple translations, Hoeckele came across one recurring phrase: “dawn’s rosy fingers.” This repetition was a device to help the orator remember his spot in the epic poem. At the Queens Museum, 18 actors clad in rose-hued outfits deliver a non-linear narrative based around the translations of this phrase with changes in volume, pitch, and body movement.