Fine Arts Alum John Wanzel Begins the 5th Season of Podcast, “stopGOstop”

stopGOstop podcast is pleased to announce the start of season 5 with the special two episode mini-series-event EndTimesCapitalism. The first episode is available now on, iTunes and Google Play. podcast, explores the idea that sound recording can act as sediment– as an accumulation of recorded cultural material– distributed via rss feed, and listened to on headphones. Each episode is a new sonic layer, field recordings, plunderphonics, electroacoustic, all composed together in one episode, or presented individually as striations.

The main stratifications are sound collages, field recordings, and new compositions. The sound collages juxtapose two or three ideas, and are not always on a focused theme, but are usually influenced by sci-fi, the environment and leftist politics. The field recordings episodes are a combination of binaural recordings and more traditional stereo recordings. Lastly, the new compositions for headphones are mostly stripped down electroacoustic manipulations paired with field recordings. is produced by John Wanzel.  Subscribe to the podcast via this link RSS, or search for Wanzel in AntennaPod, iTunes or most other podcast providers.

More about Wanzel and his other work is available here.