Fall 2024. Adv. Practice: Undrawing 

CRN: 14564 PGFA 5303 A

Time: Thursday 4-6:40pm

Faculty: Selena Kimball

Course Description:

In this Advanced Practice class we will probe the traditional boundaries of drawing, engaging with it as an interdisciplinary, conceptual and experimental practice. We will examine the ways drawing intersects and cross-pollinates with installation, sculpture, and performance. We will explore unconventional approaches to drawing materials and surfaces, unusual scale, as well as new approaches to where and how “drawings” are seen. We’ll query the monumental paper pulp paintings of Hong Hong, the embroidered landscapes of Jordan Nasser, Jennie C. Jones’ drawings using sound equipment, Tacita Dean’s blackboards, the collaged mail art of Ray Johnson, the sanded paper sculptures of Pierre Huyge, Bethany Collins’ paper relief sculptures made from pulverized confederate monuments, Jay Defeo’s installations of sculpted paint, the maps of Joseph Yoakum. We will treat this course as a 2D test lab, where students may engage a range of techniques from cross-stitching to graphite drawing, experimental printmaking to image transfers, cut-ups to carvings. In doing so, we will collaboratively chart an expanded field for the practice of drawing.