Fall 2023. Advanced Practice: Expanded Video


Faculty: Le’Andra LeSeur

CRN: 9636 PGFA 5301 A

Tues. 7pm – 9:40pm

In this class, students will be equipped with the technical and artistic tools to conceptualize and produce their own video works. Students will learn methodologies of how to translate and incorporate a wide range of artistic disciplines, on-line media, and performance within a video work, focusing on the ways in which video becomes an extension of the mind and body.

The class will give students technical instruction in Premiere Pro (editing software). We will also examine different strategies for the presentation of video from single channel projections to multi-channel installations and video-sculptures. The main focus of the class is the creation and critique of work made by the students. 

The class will also be engaged in the study of contemporary practices of video art through screening and discussing works by artists such as Jonas Mekas, Ja’Tovia Gary, Sondra Perry, Rachel Rossin, Martine Syms, Shahryar Nashat and many others.