Fall 2022 BFA Electives, Topics in 4D: Against Productivity – Yasi Ghanbari

Carolyn Lazard, Extended Stay, 2019

This course will examine paradigms of productivity, health, and care through various 4D media including performance, video, sound, and installation. Given late stage capitalism’s increasing wear on minds and bodies, we will use art practice as a method to interrogate and model ways of existing and making. Relying heavily on the work of disability studies and the work of disabled artists, we will examine questions of access, support, success/thriving, value, and power. We will read essays by Susan Sontag, Lauren Berlant, Jonathan Crary, and others. We will study works by Navild Acosta & Fannie Sosa, Sonda Perry, Carolyn Lazard, Yo-Yo Lin, among others.