Fall 2019 Electives, Topics 3D: Making as Thinking – Tom Butter

Topics 3D: Making as Thinking

PUFA 3230 (CRN: 1958)

Monday 4:00pm – 9:40 pm

Making art is transforming thought into action. Art is informed by a set of philosophical assumptions, and artists find a way to make these thoughts appear and manifest in material form. Making art should be fun. Fun, in the deepest sense of the word, which is the delight in discovering what isn’t yet known or understood. In this course students will develop their notion of the “contemporary” by engaging with their own making process. Students will consider how art-making enables them to learn about themselves while working with their hands. They will work on self initiated projects to find their own language, and will be introduced to the practices of other artists through class presentations, field trips and one on one meetings. This class requires students to have completed Core Studio 1: 3D previously.

Faculty Bio:

Tom Butter lives and works in New York. He has been making sculpture in New York since 1977, and exhibited sculpture, prints and paintings internationally since 1980.