Faculty Tom Butter Opens Solo Show at Studio 10

Tom Butter: “Host”

Studio 10

Opening Reception: Friday April 13, 2018 7—9 PM

April 13—May 13, 2018

565 Bogart St

Brooklyn NY 11206

Tom Butter, “Host”

Visitors to Studio 10 will become active, activating viewers of Host, an eleven-foot tall kinetic sculpture by Tom Butter. The centerpiece of the artist’s second solo show with the gallery, Host commands space and attention alike as visitors set the piece into motion, then spend a stretch of time watching a grey foam cord slowly unwind from a large spool topping the central steel structure. The cord gathers on the floor in a curious, gradually mounting pile. Meanwhile, the turning ‘head’ of Host implies a kind of character — or does it? Upon interacting and spending time with Butter’s piece, visitors will have questions to ask themselves about Host’s mechanics and meanings, as well as about sculpture in general.
More information is available via Studio 10.