Faculty Tamar Ettun’s Solo Exhibition ‘Eat A Pink Owl’ To Feature A Performance

Eat A Pink Owl

Tamar Ettun

Fridman Gallery

287 Spring St

New York, NY 10013

October 1, 2017, 6 PM

Tamar Ettun invites you to join her for an artist talk and catalog presentation with Barry Schwabsky and Wendy Vogel, followed by a performance by The Moving Company.

The dualities in Ettun’s practice – performance/sculpture, healing/trauma, temporariness/ permanence, functionality/abstractness – apply to relationships among humans, and humans’ relationships to objects. Ettun applies dance vocabulary and compositional techniques to object making, and she challenges the stillness of sculpture by making it perform: grab, stretch, hang, balance, reach out.

This is Ettun’s second solo show with the Fridman Gallery and is the third installment in Ettun’s tetralogy, Mauve Bird with Yellow Teeth Red Feathers Green Feet and a Rose Belly, incorporating sculptural installations, performance, video, and works on paper. Ettun’s ongoing body of work focuses on primal emotions, each symbolized by a primary color: the 2015 Blue was for Empathy, last year’s Yellow – Desire. In this exhibition, Pink is synonymous with Aggression which is another way to relate (identification can occur literally, through eating the objects of our fancy).

The exhibition opened on September 9, 2017 and will be open until October 14, 2017.

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