Faculty Heide Fasnacht Upcoming Solo Show “Suspect Terrain”

Socrates sketch

MAY 17, 2015 – AUGUST 30, 2015

OPENING: MAY 17, 2015 (3:00 PM – 6:00 PM)


Through her latest public artwork, titled Suspect Terrain, Fasnacht details the creation and aftermath of a sinkhole. In Fasnacht’s vision, the particularities of fragmentation span 30-feet above ground and are detailed in painted plywood, a stand-in for the cement, asphalt, and rock substrate that the sculpture maps. Fasnacht’s surface was inspired by striking media coverage and documentation of massive sinkholes, including the 26-foot-wide by 52-foot-deep 2013 pit created in the Shenzhen region of China and the 2010 occurrence in Guatemala City, Guatemala, that spanned 60-feet-wide and approximately 30 stories deep. By sculpturally depicting these devastating geological occurrences, Fasnacht turns the relationship between event and documentation into a personal and precarious action.

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