Artist: Sareh Imani


Opening Reception:

November 6, 2017, 6-8 PM

25 East Gallery

25 East 13th St, 5th Floor

Show Dates: November 6 – 18, 2017

Featuring Artists: Tianyu Qiu, Isadora Frost, Alonso Cartú, Liliana Farber, Shuyi Cao, Andrew Sapala, Sareh Imani, Shunran Xue

Curated by: Shuyi Cao and Tianyu Qiu

By the late twentieth century, the development of modern science keeps breaking down distinctions between human and animal, organism and machine, physical and nonphysical. At the same time, the technological evolution is leading to the merging of reality and virtuality, natural and artificial, organic and mechanic. We now living in the compounds of various scales and domains of agents and communities, from the internal microbiome to the extraterrestrial space, from the biology to the informatics. All of these changes over the past few decades are dissolving the lines between life and non-life, as well as challenging the canon of “life” itself. How do we redefine life? Here, X stands for the unknown, the uncertainty, and the crossing of boundaries.