Pouring, Digging, Leaking

Pouring, digging, and leaking all involve the transference of material from one space to another. All three actions call to mind the fluidity of structures, both organic and inorganic. While pouring often deals with the act of filling, digging functions conversely through the removal or uncovering of layers of history and meaning. Leaking is the most insidious of the three, implying both emptying and filling, but occurring imperceptibly over time.

A group of Parsons MFA Fine Arts students reflect on these subjects through their diverse studio practices. Engaging with current issues through a multiplicity of approaches, this selection of work asks how do we pour into and dig out areas of inquiry, and what persists and inconspicuously seeps through.

Curatorial team: Francesca Fiore, Bridget Leslie, Ryota Sato, Oscar Gracida, Catherine Fenton Bernarth.