Digital Diaspora Winter


Opening for Both Galleries @ Parsons: Jan. 25, 2016, 6-8pm,
Parsons: 25 E. 13th Street Gallery, 5th floor (closing Feb. 05)
Lang Sky Bridge Artspace: 65 West 11th st., 4th floor (closes Feb.12)

There will be a small talk @ opening by: Palestinian representative to the Venice Biennale: Aissa Deebi followed by: Sailor Noom

As peoples of all different backgrounds, who identify within the Islamic diaspora, we are presenting works which consider the body politic through the digital self as it relates to the migrant and immigrant body. Asking the questions how do we under the guise of “global citizen” granted by the internet and globalization-exist and communicate as online personalities, consumer selves, and political beings within the context of organizations such as the NSA? How do we pass on the tonal authorship of oral traditions of the space in-between through the digital? How do we document the slippage between East and West as they pass through us?


Event in association with: Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship
Featured image courtesy of Ayqa, ‘Untilted’, 2016