Dictionary of the Possible – Interval


For our fifth meeting, on Saturday, December 6th, we will be considering the keyword “Interval.”


The discussion leaders – Amanda Parmer, Avi Alpert and Parsons Fine Arts Faculty Rit Premnath – will offer a series of reflections on how this under-theorized keyword may help us to rethink issues relating to work, gender, desire, and the politics of difference. Where in our 24/7 culture does the interval exist? How is our “in-between time” being usurped for others’ profit, and what kinds of alternative economies (or existent but latent economies) might enable us to reclaim the interval? Might these intervals help us to locate new taxonomies of desire and forms of community, facilitating our capacity to think collectivity and futurity anew? Drawing on a history of feminist, anarchist, and anti-colonial texts, the discussion leaders will invite us to imagine not only temporary ruptures within the fabric of modern culture, but also how the activities of the interval may suggest entirely new forms of life.