Brennan Gerard, Ryan Kelly, Johnny Taranto Gerard & Kelly Present “Timelining”

Timelining features new projects installed in both the upstairs and downstairs spaces of The Kitchen.


Through a series of sculptures, site-specific interventions, and a performance enacted for the duration of the exhibition whenever a viewer is present, Gerard & Kelly underscore The Kitchen as a site to work through questions of queer time and intersubjectivity. Alongside the work installed in the gallery, the exhibition will open with two days of performances and a temporary installation in The Kitchen’s black box theater. Performers for Timelining include: devynn Emory and Jen Tchiakpe, Ted Henigson and Todd McQuade, Emily Petry and Gwen Petry, R. B. Schlather and Adam Weinert, Lissy Vomáčka and Anna Vomáčka. Curated by Tim Griffin.