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BFA Exhibition ‘Trans l Painting’

Trans l Painting

Join Us for the BFA Pop Up Show May 2, 2019

6:30 – 7:30 pm

25 East 13th Street

4th floor Crit Space 1 & Project Space 2


The word painting, is both a noun (I made a painting) and a verb (I love painting). The prefix trans- suggests a movement across, beyond, through, or on the other side of something.* Through playfully attaching the prefix trans- to painting, this course invites students to investigate modes and methods of painting that extend across, beyond, and through traditional formal parameters, while drawing on various trans- prefixed words as subject matter.

What could it mean to make a transnational, transitional, or transgender painting? Is there a difference between a painting that is about translation, verses a painting that translates? Or a difference between a painting that is about transition verses a transitional painting? Furthermore, what is the artist’s role in all of this?