MFA candidate Anahita Bagheri is part of summer exhibition at Arsenal Gallery

Congrats to our MFA 2024 candidate Anahita Bagheri for exhibiting at Conjuring Flames, an exhibition curated by Lila Nazemian featuring artists Morehshin Allahyari, Pardiss Amerian, Anahita Bagheri, Ala Dehghan, Leila Seyedzadeh and Hadieh Shafie.

Within this exhibition, nature is approached as a representation of this balance between the material and spiritual worlds; a symbiosis of concurrent light and dark in Sohrevardi’s philosophy. The title of the show, Conjuring Flames, alludes to the continuous struggle for humanity to achieve this sacred balance.

Anahita is showing three sculptures in this exhibition, one of which is accompanied by a sound piece. Her sculptures consist of abstracted vines, flowers, and buds and are enlarged iterations of vegetation and flowers she encountered in Iran. Made from paper mache, a medium practiced in Iran since the 16th century Safavid era, for painted and lacquered. While maintaining the primary elements of this craft, Anahita reverses its scale, transforming contained painted portrayals into large three-dimensional forms.

The exhibition runs June 23 – Aug 18, 2023

Arsenal Gallery; 21 Cortlandt Alley, 2nd Floor New York

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