Alumni James Hsieh at KALEIDOSCOPIC DIARIES Exhibition

October 11 – November 1

559 West 23rd Street New York, NY, 10011

Opening Reception 10/11 6-8PM

KALEIDOSCOPIC DIARIES, exhibited Artists, James Hsieh, Adam Eddy, Hochul Lee at Crossing Art Gallery.

Crossing Art is delighted to announce: Kaleidoscopic Diaries, a group show featuring three artists — Adam Eddy, Hochul Lee, James Hsieh. Their artworks present an evocative journey that engages both abstract and figurative visual vocabularies, transforming elements borrowed from the everyday world into new forms. Such creative use of media poses textual and material mediation to the reticence of objects, making each artwork optically strange yet inherently familiar, just like looking through a kaleidoscope. The bizarre and fantastical narratives presented in these artworks are inspired by artists’ personal experiences. These whimsical yet compelling stories, however, are not only artists’ contemplation of their pasts and identities, but also windows into new interpretations revolving around materiality and viewership, composing a tantalizing physical, conceptual, and aesthetic diary of each artist.

Incorporating a broad range of artistic rherotics such as pop art, minimalism and biological iconography, the artworks presented in this show create a unique system of visual vocabulary that fragments and colorizes the volumetric terms of formal analysis. Adam Eddy uses the shape of the painting’s own support as a part of the painted composition, combining structure and content to create works that are simultaneously image and object. Hochul Lee operates on curious and uncharacteristic materials in the creation of his works such as water, fire, matches, trash, recycled goods and hair, challenging the inaccessibility of art’s narratives by juxtaposing his manifold life experiences over current happenings. James Hsieh draws on his childhood experience in the countryside and his deep connection with nature to produce magical biomorphic art that transforms soft felt and fabric into solid sculptures, creating a peculiar yet gratifying vision. These diverse artistic approaches demonstrated in this show embolden a faith in forms and objects to announce their own values, as well as art’s ability to evoke insights.The exhibition will be on view till November 1, 2019.

For more info: Kaleidoscopic Diaries