Kristin Sigurdardottir

Extension, mixed media, 2014 It’s said that we can’t apprehend time by the use of any of our physical senses.

Craig Callison

Life Cycle I am currently working with the fitness industry as my muse and have thus become an avid collector

Jonathan David Smyth

I don’t know anything about my life pre-adoption, but I’m obsessed with it. Even though my parents were always honest

Daniel Cherrin

As an artist Cherrin explores experimental and impressionistic ways of viewing and understanding human needs.  In a culture obsessed with

Berk Cakmakci

UX (User Experience) & Man’s Ultimate Destiny My video works explore my fascination with the modern individual’s obsessive relationship with

Woo-Ram Jung

My work praises the beauty of the banality of object and the abstraction feature of work is the main brush

Michael Winfrey

Since arriving in New York City, I have been overwhelmed by the amount of visual information there is. My photographs

Jordan Hood

Before going to Parsons, I made a lot of self-portraiture work. In many ways it was very unguided self-portraiture work

Daniel L. Williams

Reclining Figure, 30 x 45 chromogenic print, 2012    Traffic Control, 30 x 45 chromogenic print, 2013

Gabriel H. Sanchez

Early Still Lifes My recent photographs were conceived with the historical still life in mind and produced via a 4×5

Lara Atallah

Lara Atallah’s work is about the photographic archive and the construction of national and historical discourse.  Taking my native country,

Michelle Claire Gevint

Urban Speculation In my work, I recreate architecture, erasing people, erasing the idea of a city, and erasing time. As

Xiao Chen

Silk Road I’ve always had a passion for the past. It’s tempting to idealize it. Eventually, I may or may

Magali Duzant

Dasein is a yearlong process in which I have made images of my own aura, or energy field, in order