Craig Callison

Life Cycle

I am currently working with the fitness industry as my muse and have thus become an avid collector of fitness ephemera housed on online archives. Each piece of equipment is not only designed to help someone sculpt a more attractive body, it is my belief that the machines themselves are also rather striking as both art and symbol. The photographic medium has played a large role in glamorizing fitness and I have witnessed the effects of the allure on myself, and those around me. In Life Cycle I recreate some of my favorite workout equipment pieces and produce images that match the glossy and sophisticated way in which they were originally marketed. In the process of creating these machines I add my own post-modern aesthetic underpinnings to morph, bend, enhance and re-engineer them as contemporary images.


lat pulldown verticle noose purple bench w statue 3

Bio: Craig Callison is a digital artist and sculpture currently living in New York. His work explores the material qualities of objects as well as the cultural context in which they exist.