Xiao Chen

Silk Road

I’ve always had a passion for the past. It’s tempting to idealize it. Eventually, I may or may not know everything, but I can use my imagination to create stories with isolated words and phrases. All my doubts and conjectures form longings and curiosities. In the beginning, I started to make images in order to tell people the stories in my head. I hope people will look at them. Among these stories, I found the Silk Road the most fascinating one. This body of work is about something I’ve never seen or experienced. I’m trying to merge and blend the fragments in my head to create fictional landscapes. The truth is nothing other than a mirage I’m chasing.

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Bio: Chen Xiao is a visual artist and photographer who was born in Shanghai and moved to New York City in 2012. She is currently an MFA Photography candidate at Parsons The New School for Design. Utilizing photographs, collage, installations and performance to explore the meaning of the meaningless. Her work reflects her nostalgia and curiosity about history. It also represents her understanding about things that can't be understood.