Jonathan David Smyth

I don’t know anything about my life pre-adoption, but I’m obsessed with it.

Even though my parents were always honest about the fact that they took me in, the details of what actually happened have never been explained to me.  As a child, I felt embarrassed to admit that I was adopted, so I’d lie to my friends about where I came from.  Today, I use these memories of feeling inadequate and out-of-place as a starting point for my artwork.


Work Out , video still (2013), Brooklyn, NY


Somewhere is Always Someplace Else (2013), Coney Island, NY



Family Diagram, video still (2013), NY


Bio: Jonathan David Smyth was born in Belfast, UK in 1987. In 2010, he earned a BFA with Honors in Photography and Film from Edinburgh Napier University. Since arriving at Parsons, he has worked with new forms of media, including video, performance, and incorporated text. He lives in New York City.