Jordan Hood

Before going to Parsons, I made a lot of self-portraiture work. In many ways it was very unguided self-portraiture work – just photographs of me in a landscape. After my first semester at Parsons, I returned home to Mississippi and continued to make work about myself, and about my family’s story. Instead of focusing the lens on my body and me, I turned it to my perspective. In Regards to Family is about what my life means, my heritage, my family’s story, and my placement within that story. While making this work, I’d finally reached a point of satisfaction. I was then able to make work about something that was not about my heritage or my direct family.


hood_burrow_web hood_woodsplay_web hood_mattedwheat hood_wheatrunning hood_wheatrain

Bio: Jordan is a multi-media artist highly influenced by the Southern landscape as she was raised on her family’s farm. She received her BFA in Photography from Memphis College of Art in 2011 and is currently a candidate for an MFA in Photography at Parsons, The New School for Design. Jordan utilizes video, paper sculpture, still photography, and various other medium in her performance and installation works. She investigates ones connection to a landscape and how ones own presence marks that landscape.