Kristin Sigurdardottir

Extension, mixed media, 2014

It’s said that we can’t apprehend time by the use of any of our physical senses.  I’m referring to human sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. If this is true, how can we grasp the meaning of time? We can measure it metrically, or with quartz, or an atomic clock, but we’re still no closer to understanding what it actually means.

In my work Extension, I use photographs, video and sculptures as guidance to express my experience of space. By layering images and manipulating them, a timeless void starts to emerge.

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Bio: Kristín Sigurðardóttir graduated in 2010 with Bachelor Degree in Fine Art from Iceland. Her work has been published by Grymogea and shown in Iceland, UK, Faroe Island and the US. She is currently studying MFA Photography in Parsons The New School of design.