Berk Cakmakci

UX (User Experience) & Man’s Ultimate Destiny

My video works explore my fascination with the modern individual’s obsessive relationship with technology and the Internet. This mutually transformative relationship is explored through the use of appropriated footage from video-sharing websites. I edited the documented online & real life experiences of individuals almost in a stream-of-consciousness way. In UX (User Experience), videos of destruction of devices such as TVs, laptops, cameras etc. become strangely emotional. These devices become almost like relics from a lesser time that can no longer fascinate. Man’s Ultimate Destiny engages with the melancholy and numbness of being constantly online and on screen. I am using the vernacular of the Internet to reflect on our modern day obsessions.

UX (User Experience) features music by Oneohtrix Point Never. Man’s Ultimate Destiny features music composed by me.


Berk_UX_screenshot_2 Berk_MansUltimateDestiny_screenshot_1 Berk_UX_screenshot_1 Berk_MansUltimateDestiny_screenshot_2


Bio: Berk Cakmakci is a Turkish artist and a musician based in New York. His work explores the transforming relationships between the modern individual and technology.