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“Life After Language” 2011 Parsons Illustration Show closes tonight!

life after language

2011 parsons illustration senior show

school of art, media and technology

MAY 9-MAY 23






[image by: william hatch crosby ]

“Life After Language” 2011 Parsons Illustration Show reception is tomorrow

life after language

2011 parsons illustration senior show

school of art, media and technology

MAY 9-MAY 23








[image by: paula searing ]

Oodles of Parsons Illustration folks in “Single Fare 2: Please Swipe Again”

Left to right: Victoria Salvador, Garrett Pruter, Katie Turner

“Single Fare 2: Please Swipe Again”
A Show of Small Works on Used MetroCards
Exhibition: March 18 to 26, 2011

Sloan Fine Art
128 Rivington St, NYC, 10002

Sloan Fine Art is pleased to host “Single Fare 2: Please Swipe Again” a very special exhibition of works on used NYC MetroCards with a portion of the proceeds to benefit Transportation Alternatives (transalt.org) and Alliance for the Arts’ NYC ARTS (NYC-ARTS.org). In May 2010, Artists Jean-Pierre Roy and Michael Kagan hosted an unusual exhibition in their Brooklyn studio. Open to all artists who wanted to participate, “Single Fare” placed one constraint on the creative process: all work had to be submitted on a used MetroCard. Inspired by the notion that the city’s subways and buses allow for a kind of creative interchange unmatched in human history, “Single Fare” sought to create a unique art event where art and artists could come together to form a monumental event made from a tiny, innocuous piece of plastic: The MetroCard! The resulting exhibition featured over 700 works of art – from artists as far away as New Zealand and as close as the studio next door.

Following the tremendous success of last year’s “Single Fare,” Roy and Kagan team up with Sloan Fine Art on the Lower East Side for “Single Fare 2: Please Swipe Again.” The themes of last year’s show ran the gamut from moments of high abstraction to delicate portraiture. Three-dimensional works, documentary photography and even a video installation helped to create one of the most cohesively diverse shows in recent memory while playfully challenging artists to show what they can do with seven square inches.

While serving as a democratizing vehicle for artists of all ages and disciplines, the Single Fare exhibition also served as a fantastic platform to introduce beginning collectors to an amazing array of work while inviting the committed collector to connect to artists that might normally fall under their radar. Partnering with Sloan Fine Art represents an exciting step forward for the Single Fare experience, allowing the exhibition to remain true to its roots while benefitting from additional exhibition days and regular gallery hours.

Several Parsons Illustration students, alumni and faculty participated in this exhibition including: Jordin Isip (f), Ana Mouyis (’09), Garrett Pruter (’10), Victoria Salvador (’11), Stephanie Tartick (’11), Katie Turner (’10), Zachary Zezima (’09).

Additionally, a handful of artists have been recruited to create Single Fare works that will be raffled off with proceeds to benefit two worthy charities – Transportation Alternatives (transalt.org), promoting New York City’s continued commitment to public and alternative forms of transportation and Alliance for the Arts’ NYC Arts (nyc-arts.org), the leading Web and free iPhone guide to arts programs and events throughout NYC. Raffle tickets will be available beginning at 5pm the night of the reception and winners will be announced at 8:30pm sharp.

Exhibition: Friday, March 18 through Saturday, March 26, 2011
Gallery Hours: Noon to 6pm (Closed Monday & Tuesday)

Edward Del Rosario included in “New Narrative”

Illustration Adjunct faculty member Edward Del Rosario passed along the word about a new exhibition which features his work.  Here’s the official press release:

Heskin Contemporary presents New Narrative, a group exhibition curated by John Serdula, open thru October 16th, 2010.

Narrative painting has had a long artistic tradition that dates as far back as cave paintings. The imagery told a story. And the story was a fundamental and necessary aspect of the painting, until the early twentieth century. This is clearly exemplified in the American WPA murals. Personal, emotional, political, and spiritual experience was the core ingredient of that narrative.

By the end of the last century so much art had been infused with appropriated, sterile, pop iconography, it resulted in the art being blank and vacant. Now with the start of this new century and new millennium, there has been a different attitude towards painting. The New Narrative is an artist’s personal reflection of history with an added air of mystery.

There is a new trans-cultural timeless attitude, which integrates contemporary and historical references with images from the daily life of the artist. With references to romanticism, symbolism, surrealism and folk art, each artist is creating worlds of psychological and emotional vulnerability. It is this fusion that reflects a renewed approach to having narrative in painting.
The following fourteen international artists are from Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, Holland, Canada and the United States. This is the first time that these artists have been assembled to create the New Narrative:

Mamma Andersson • Sam Dargan • Ian Davis • Edward Del Rosario • Marcel Dzama • Matthew Fisher • Anthony Goicolea • Sherry Kerlin • Nikki Lindt • Ben McLaughlin • Jockum Nordström • Julia Oschatz • Simon Pasieka • Mary Jo Vath

443 West 37th Street Ground Floor
New York, NY 10018

Wednesday – Saturday 12 pm – 6 pm or by appointment

Congrats, Eddie!

Quick Hit: Art for Gifts


Nov. 24th – Dec 13th 20009

“Give an original art piece as a gift” to someone you love, so they can feel closer to art and have art as a part of their life… That is the concept of “Art for Gifts”. With the winter holiday season coming close, Ouchi Gallery will turn into an art store for 3 weeks to exhibit and sell various artists’ works as gifts. We encourage craft artists, jewelry artists, illustrators, and postcards, t-shirts, prints designers in New York area to submit small to middle size works that will be great for gifts.  The joy you feel when your art becomes somebody’s gift. That would be the best gift for yourself too.

DEADLINE: November 15th.

Application Eligibility: Local artists and craft artists who can carry in their art to the gallery.

To Apply: Please email up to 3 pictures of your artwork to be judged including the following information of your submitting works; title, year, size, medium     to: info@min-gei.com


[Thanks for Illustration Alum Shu Okada for passing along this opportunity!]

MoCCA Follow-Up Week: Sophia Chang

Editor’s Note: This week, we are featuring three entries by students who worked at the Parson’s Illustration tables at the MoCCA Festival this past June.  First up, a narrative and sketches by Rising Senior Sophia Chang.


So I had the pleasure of having a table at MoCCA Festival along with other Parsons students including Katie Turner, Beryl Chung, Grace Lang and Christine Young.  Check out their stuff!

I felt like I was in a microwave the entire time, the humidity of everyone’s body sweat evaporating and condensing was absolutely delicious! I say that sarcastically. On the real though, MoCCA was an awesome experience, being in a room with upcoming artists and surrounded by printed matter! Afterall print is slowly slowly dying…

I specifically enjoyed the Norwegian, Swedish and German/Berlin tables, offering some great perspective on their visual language. Just sitting at the table and watching the different unique people pass by was an experience of its own. I started sketching down all the interesting people I saw towards the end of my stay.


Thanks for the firsthand account, Sophia!  Make sure to check out Sophia’s website and blog for more about her work.