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Zack Zezima on death and zines

An email from recent Illustration graduate, Zack Zezima:

I just finished up making a zine called “Theories in Death and Nature”…It’s about death (morbid, I know) and 7 of the many religious/spiritual beliefs around it.

You can grab your own copy of the zine online via Etsy or in person at Desert Island in Brooklyn.

Go Zack go!

Quick Hit: Pencil-tip Sculptures

Brazilian born, Connecticut based, Dalton Ghetti carefully crafts the tips of pencils into amazing micro sculptures. These miniature masterpieces are a side project for the professional carpenter, who has been perfecting this art for the last 25 years. Dalton uses a razor blade, sewing needle, a sculpting knife, a steady hand and lots of patience to meticulously carve the graphite which can take anywhere between a few months to a few years.

Read more about Dalton’s work and see more fantastic images here.

NYC Zine Fest


NYC Zine Fest ’09

June 27 & 28, 2009

Brooklyn Lyceum, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Makers of Zines, Chapbooks, Affordable artists’ books, Indie ephemera:  all WELCOME and DESIRED!

It’s only $25 for a 4′ table each day ($40 for both days), so if you are inclined to whip up some zines or already have, consider booking–the deadline is May 30th and you get applications here!  If you attend but don’t exhibit (or even if you do), bring lots of dollar bills (zines are usually cheap).  They are also looking for zines, art, gift certificates, etc. for a RAFFLE, either at the Party or the Fest. If you have something to donate, please contact the organizers!

There will also be a FUNDRAISING PARTY at the Brooklyn Lyceum (sneak peak to the venue) on:
Friday, May 29, 2009.
8:00-midnight, $5 – $15 sliding scale.