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Brooklyn Bailout Burlesque featuring Illustration Alum Christine Young

brooklynbbBrooklyn Bailout Burlesque


Jon Burgerman (UK)
Jim Avignon (Germany)
Roman de Milk & Wodka (Switzerland)
Ema (France)
Asuka Ohsawa (Japan)
Daniel Dueck (Brooklyn)
Christine Young (Brooklyn) [Parsons Illustration Alum ’09]

Christine Young and a host of other amazing artists are included in the Fresh Factory Show, Brooklyn Bailout Burlesque which runs till August 30th, 2009. Here’s the official description:

The art world, global companies, complex societies and every small individual all have one problem in common: how to deal with the crisis. When money goes wrong nothing goes right. Many in the high society of art dreamt the dream of instant success and big overnight money, but the awakening was rough and most of the ambitious collectors had gone with the wind. So how can one stay in a market that barely exists in this time, where money displays a rather strange behavior.

Jim Avignon, Brooklyn-Berlin based artist, musician and hopeless bohemian curated a show with 7 young artists from Brooklyn and Europe,which might have some answers for you. They throw their skills together and create a panorama, where strange and funny characters inhabit a peculiar zone somewhere between realist figuration. cartoons, messageboard-doodling and pure fantasy.

Expect everything from unsentimental portraits, vibrant colors, playful items contemporary weirdness with a good old anti-establishment vibe.

Between high art and crumbling economy there is a common ground for inexpensive works, keenly tailored for broad appeal.

The show must go on.

Factory Fresh is currently OPEN from 1-7pm Wednesday thru Sunday and is located at 1053 Flushing Avenue between Morgan and Knickerbocker, off the L train Morgan Stop.

General information or questions, please contact info@factoryfresh.net.

[painting above by Jon Avignon]

MoCCA Follow-Up Week: Christine Young


Editor’s Note: This week, we are featuring three entries by students who worked at the Parson’s Illustration tables at the MoCCA Festival this past June.  Our final narrative installment is by newly minted Illustration Alum, Christine Young.


The MoCCA Fest was so much funnnn! Even though it was really hot in there and I felt like I was about to pass out by the end of it, I would have gladly done so because it was such a great experience seeing a bunch of great art, comics, zines and shirts and meeting cool artists and people from all around the world all under one huge roof! Our Parsons Illustration table had a lot of great prints, books and zines by our fellow students (ya’ll rule), and we sold a bunch too! Among those who were there repping our department were: Beryl Chung, Sophia Chang, Katie Turner, Grace Lang, Sydney Seltzer, Kevin Lee, and Steven Guarnaccia.

Along with selling and trading, I did alot of buying cuz it’s really hard not to cuz of all the amazing things, which was very overwhelming, in the best way possible. I was running around like a school kid after lunch. There were Parsons teachers there too at their own tables such as Neil Swaab, Nora Krug and Tara McPherson selling mad stuff, ya know, no big. And, there were guest lectures by artists such as Adrian Tomine and Gary Panter who were signing stuff all day. Sophia got Adrian to sign her a poster and book, and he did a really cool doodle and I was jealous.

And soooo to sum it up, by the end of the day I went home from Mocca a very happy person with a bag full of awesome comics, zines, shirts and most importantly, a brand new list of art crushes.


Thanks for the write-up, Christine!  Make sure to check out Christine’s website and her blog to see more of her work.

MoCCA Follow-Up Week: Sophia Chang

Editor’s Note: This week, we are featuring three entries by students who worked at the Parson’s Illustration tables at the MoCCA Festival this past June.  First up, a narrative and sketches by Rising Senior Sophia Chang.


So I had the pleasure of having a table at MoCCA Festival along with other Parsons students including Katie Turner, Beryl Chung, Grace Lang and Christine Young.  Check out their stuff!

I felt like I was in a microwave the entire time, the humidity of everyone’s body sweat evaporating and condensing was absolutely delicious! I say that sarcastically. On the real though, MoCCA was an awesome experience, being in a room with upcoming artists and surrounded by printed matter! Afterall print is slowly slowly dying…

I specifically enjoyed the Norwegian, Swedish and German/Berlin tables, offering some great perspective on their visual language. Just sitting at the table and watching the different unique people pass by was an experience of its own. I started sketching down all the interesting people I saw towards the end of my stay.


Thanks for the firsthand account, Sophia!  Make sure to check out Sophia’s website and blog for more about her work.

Breaking News: **9** Illustration students chosen by American Illustration (updated again!)


A HUGE congratulations to the following students who were all selected for inclusion in the American Illustration tribute website:

Katie Turner
Julia Hermannsdottir
Gabriella Cetrulo (Garson)
Hannah Lee
Dawoon Jung
Christine Young
Camden Dunning
Roxie Vizcarra
Ana Mouyis (see above)

This is a big honor and an amazing showing for our department.  Thank you to all the students for their fantastic work and congratulations on this prestigious achievement!  Here is a gallery of all the accepted images.  We are so proud of you all.

Hi-Q: The winners!

Congratulations to the winners in the Bologna Haiku contest!


First Place: Christine Young


Second Place: Ana Mouyis

turnerThird Place: Katie Turner

Along with the winners above, several other students’ haikus will be featured in the traveling exhibition, Hi-Q, along with student works from Accademica di Belle Arti di Bologna, ENSAD-Paris, HAW-Hamburg, and Kyoto City University of Arts:

Astrid Mueller
Kendra Yapyapan
Zachary Zezima
Michelle Farkouh
Bernadine Brocker
Paula Searing
Ema Chen
Shu Okada
Meg Eldredge
Roxanna Vizcarra
Evan Turk
Yael Levy
Naomi L. Koffman
Hannah K. Lee
Emmanuel Tavares

Finally, a big thank you to all the students who submitted–everyone did amazing work!

After the Fact: ICON5 & Xerox project

As a sponsor of ICON5, held July 2 – 5 at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York, Xerox Corporation worked in partnership with ICON5 to produce a deck of cards as a commemorative gift for the more than 400 illustrators who attended. ICON5 organizers arranged for top students from three New York design schools – the Fashion Institute of Technology, Parsons The New School for Design and the School of Visual Arts – and the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, to contribute original illustrations and designs by 52 students.

“As illustrators, we don’t go to an office every day, so ICON5 is a great opportunity to be around people who do what we do, to talk about trends and issues and to get re-inspired,” said Whitney Sherman, president of ICON5 and chair of the Illustration Department, Maryland Institute College of Art. “It’s important for ICON5 to use projects like the deck of cards to engage our future attendees. And for the students, it’s a great opportunity to get exposure to a few hundred of the world’s top illustrators, designers and others who can influence their careers.”

She added: “From an academic perspective, the project fits well with contemporary educational models of  blending creativity and professional development. It gave students creative freedom and realistic deadlines.”

To develop the cards, each school was assigned one suit – clubs (FIT), diamonds (MICA), hearts (Parsons) and spades (SVA) – and the school’s chairpersons or deans overseeing illustration programs selected 13 students to provide card designs.

Congratulations and thanks to all of the students involved in this unique project: Cat Lauigan, Arlette Espaillat, Emmanuel Tavares, Nick Gannon, Lindsay Podd, Jesse Tise, WoonHye Bae, Christine Young, Sae-am Lee, Jasmine Wigandt, Roxanna Vizcarra, Toby Liebowitz, and Lindsey Balbierz.

[photo of Jasmine Wigandt with her contribution to the deck]

R:ED Magazine Focuses on Illustration

red cover

The Illustration Department is proud to announce the publication of the Spring 2008 Parsons Alumni magazine, R:ED. This issue is devoted to covering topics in Illustration, whether it’s the life of newly appointed director of the Society of Illustrators Anelle Miller (Illustration ’74) or the work of up and coming current student Christine Young.  Articles included cover things like the Illustration Department’s collaboration with Design Within Reach and recent symposium about “Illustration in the Age of Anxiety.”  There are also illustrations by Illustration faculty members George Bates, Nora Krug, and Ben Katchor.

red spread

Here’s a link to the entire issue in PDF format–RE:D Spring 2008 issue! Congratulations to all our featured students, faculty, and alumni.  If you graduated from the department, make sure you keep us (as well as the Parsons Alumni Department) up to date on your accomplishments and professional progress.