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Invitation to “Red Rosa – A Graphic Biography of Rosa Luxemburg” – November 5 – Brooklyn


A Graphic Biography of Rosa Luxemburg – November 5 – Brooklyn, NY

Rosa Luxemburg is one of the foremost political thinkers of the 20th century. Her philosophy of socialism and democracy was present in every aspect of her life—her work as an economist and educator, her activism against war and socioeconomic injustice, her relationships with friends and lovers.

Red Rosa, a new graphic novel by Kate Evans, published by Verso Books in collaboration with the RLS–NYC, opens up Luxemburg’s intellectual world to a new audience, grounding her ideas in the realities of an inspirational and deeply affecting biography.

Join us at Verso Books on Thursday night, November 5, to celebrate the release of Red Rosa with a special event featuring Kate Evans and New York-based artist and writer Molly Crabapple. Evans will open the event with a presentation about the process of creating this graphic novel. She will then be joined by Crabapple for a dialogue about what it means to be a political feminist graphic artist in this day and age.

Please RSVP here.

The event will be followed by a reception with drinks and light snacks.

Illustration’s 2013 Senior Thesis Book!

After months of hard work all the student’s pieces have been culminated into this interactive and print form book. Down below is the link to download your own copy of the book. Simply ‘right click’ the navigate to ‘save link as’ and presto! You’ve got your own interactive copy of the Illustration Annual.

Enjoy! And happy summer everyone!


NYTimes: ‘Tintin’ Film Casts Cars Among Star Performers

On Sunday, November 27, The New York Times published an article about the new film adaptation of ‘The Adventures of Tintin“. The 3-D film, in theaters December 21, is directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by Peter Jackson. The classic European tale stars more than the little orange haired reporter, notably, the 1937 Ford V-8. Read the article here: ‘Tintin’ Film Casts Cars Among Star Performers

The Study of Kabakov at Edelman Arts

A new show entitled “The Study of Kabakov” just opened at Edelman Arts Inc. (136 East 74th Street, New York, New York). The exhibition is a collection of the artists’ works on paper, printed reproductions of three albums (the unique medium pioneered by Ilya Kabakov in the 1970s) from the “Ten Characters” series, as well as numerous scholarly books, countless interviews and sketchbooks for many of the installations. “The Study of Kabakov” also marks the premiere of Kabkov’s drawings and works on paper in the United States – they have otherwise not been exhibited anywhere in the country.

An article about the exhibition from the Wall Street Journal:

From The Daily Beast:

R. Sikoryak: Sponge Bob and Mitterand!

Parsons Illustration Alum and Adjunct Faculty Member R. Sikoryak is full of news these days!  First off: he’ll be drawing a one page Pirate cartoon for each issue of the new bimonthly series, “SpongeBob Comics.”  The first issue is out now, and it features “The Pirates’ Code o’ Comics Collectin’.”  See above for a peek at his work!  You can find more info about the book here.

Secondly, during Bob’s visit to the Angouleme Comics Festival, he met Frédéric Mitterrand, the French Minister of Culture and Communication (and nephew of  François Mitterrand), at the museum’s Parodies Exhibit.  A number of Bob’s original pages of art are also in the gallery!  Check it out:

You can see more pix from the exhibition here.

Congrats all the amazing stuff, Bob!

La Mama Puppet Series through Nov. 28th

By Loco 7 Dance Puppet Theatre Company

Through November 28, 2010

With its newest production, “In Retrospect,” LOCO7 Dance Puppet Theatre Company investigates how we each construct our personal memory box:  how we keep our memories fresh and preserve the things that made us who we are.  These include our mothers’ embraces, lost loves, childhood dreams, ideals of youth and struggles of age, loss and birth.

The production features giant puppets, marionette scenery, masks, choreography, acrobatics, live original music and video.  A large marionette tree dangles fruits high above our reach which, when dropped, grow into our memories.  Some of them summon feelings of being loved and secure, others evoke the opposite.  For example, one scene depicts a huge Mother marionette and her little children, revealing the pleasure of hiding within the safety of her giant legs.  Another scene has a puppet telephone and a character waiting for a call with a mixture of dread and excitement.  We are reminded of our emotional dependence on the appliance as a “life line” which can be either a comfort or a monster.

Reflecting the compartmentalization of our feelings, the stage will have a room-within-a-room where a person lives her life locked behind a wall. With this self inflicted alienation, she watches the world living yet remains cut off, unable to interact with society, hiding behind to safety zone of technology.

The production will be designed, choreographed, and directed by Federico Restrepo, a Colombian-born master of puppet theater and physical theater. The piece is being written and developed by Federico Restrepo and Denise Greber. Music will be composed by Elizabeth Swados; this is her fourth collaboration with Restrepo.

Conceived by
Directed by
Music by
Through November 28, 2010

Invisible Men Materialize through Illustration


You might have noticed some invisible men hanging around the eight floor recently.  Inspired by our summer reading project, students have been illustrating their visions inspired The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells.  Check out the random collection of men we’ve documented so far above.  Then, stop by and add your own some time!

Mike Perry designs for Semigood

Illustrator Mike Perry is a new addition to the Parsons Illustration stellar roster of adjunct faculty!  For those of you not in his Materials and Methods class, and as a way of introduction, we’d like to highlight a project Mike participated in recently.  Here’s the scoop:

Boutique furniture company Semigood Design, based in beautiful Seattle, boasts an impressive lineup of products….With a nod to the past and to Danish styling, the furniture is functional, locally-sourced and sturdy. And with the new flat pack ready-to-assemble line, it’s put together in about 5 minutes.

Semigood recently collaborated with Mike Perry for a customizable, limited-edition asset to their Rian collection (see image above!). Adding to their already colorful product line, Mr. Perry left his singular mark on the stools in the form of a playful surf-aquatic theme. Playful and appropriate: Semigood is donating considerable proceeds from the sales to the Surfrider Foundation.

In addition to this project, Mike always has a lot of other things in the hopper.  You can check out his website for more!  Welcome to the Illustration neighborhood, Mike.

Josh Cochran illustrates Eames Rocker for Herman Miller contest

Herman Miller has just launched Design For You: an exciting contest powered by collective participation.  For the grand prize, you could win one of five hand-painted Eames Rockers created by Andrew Holder, Philip Lumbang, Christopher Lee, Mark Giglio, and (Parsons Illustration Adjunct Faculty) Josh Cochran. Each chair is one-of-a-kind.  Josh Cochran’s design can be seen above!  For more information, visit the Design For You home page.  You can also watch a behind the scenes video of the rockers being created here.

Amazing work, Josh.