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Quick Hit: Art for Gifts


Nov. 24th – Dec 13th 20009

“Give an original art piece as a gift” to someone you love, so they can feel closer to art and have art as a part of their life… That is the concept of “Art for Gifts”. With the winter holiday season coming close, Ouchi Gallery will turn into an art store for 3 weeks to exhibit and sell various artists’ works as gifts. We encourage craft artists, jewelry artists, illustrators, and postcards, t-shirts, prints designers in New York area to submit small to middle size works that will be great for gifts.  The joy you feel when your art becomes somebody’s gift. That would be the best gift for yourself too.

DEADLINE: November 15th.

Application Eligibility: Local artists and craft artists who can carry in their art to the gallery.

To Apply: Please email up to 3 pictures of your artwork to be judged including the following information of your submitting works; title, year, size, medium     to: info@min-gei.com


[Thanks for Illustration Alum Shu Okada for passing along this opportunity!]