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James Jean is Releasing a new Monograph “Rebus” – Come Celebrate with us at Reed Space

Join us as we celebrate the release of Rebus, a new monograph by the artist James Jean. The book signing will be held at Reed Space, 151 Orchard St between Stanton St and Rivington St. Other books by the artist will be available for sale including Rift, XOXO, and Kindling. The event will take place on Sunday October 23rd from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. We look forward to seeing you there! Additional information can be found here. (Parsons Illustration Alumnus Sophia Chang (’10) helped to organize this event.)

Rebus showcases everything from James Jean’s eerily dreamy oil paintings to his illustration work. The new monograph is the culmination of a well thought out and fully articulated instillation. James leaves us feeling fulfilled as he showcases his creative milestones even including never before seen pages from his sketch book.

Sophia Chang (’10) Making Posters for Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations

Parsons Illustration Alum Sophia Chang (’10) is collaborating with Anthony Bourdain and No Reservations to create a series of limited edition — and signed — posters promoting the new season of the show.

Sophia previously made a poster for No Reservations’ Boston episode (above), but now she’ll be making an original poster for each episode this season.  Five autographed posters will be given away each week, and you can enter the sweepstakes here.

Watch an interview with Sophia, where she talks about her creative process.

MoCCA Follow-Up Week: Christine Young


Editor’s Note: This week, we are featuring three entries by students who worked at the Parson’s Illustration tables at the MoCCA Festival this past June.  Our final narrative installment is by newly minted Illustration Alum, Christine Young.


The MoCCA Fest was so much funnnn! Even though it was really hot in there and I felt like I was about to pass out by the end of it, I would have gladly done so because it was such a great experience seeing a bunch of great art, comics, zines and shirts and meeting cool artists and people from all around the world all under one huge roof! Our Parsons Illustration table had a lot of great prints, books and zines by our fellow students (ya’ll rule), and we sold a bunch too! Among those who were there repping our department were: Beryl Chung, Sophia Chang, Katie Turner, Grace Lang, Sydney Seltzer, Kevin Lee, and Steven Guarnaccia.

Along with selling and trading, I did alot of buying cuz it’s really hard not to cuz of all the amazing things, which was very overwhelming, in the best way possible. I was running around like a school kid after lunch. There were Parsons teachers there too at their own tables such as Neil Swaab, Nora Krug and Tara McPherson selling mad stuff, ya know, no big. And, there were guest lectures by artists such as Adrian Tomine and Gary Panter who were signing stuff all day. Sophia got Adrian to sign her a poster and book, and he did a really cool doodle and I was jealous.

And soooo to sum it up, by the end of the day I went home from Mocca a very happy person with a bag full of awesome comics, zines, shirts and most importantly, a brand new list of art crushes.


Thanks for the write-up, Christine!  Make sure to check out Christine’s website and her blog to see more of her work.

MoCCA Follow-Up Week: Sophia Chang

Editor’s Note: This week, we are featuring three entries by students who worked at the Parson’s Illustration tables at the MoCCA Festival this past June.  First up, a narrative and sketches by Rising Senior Sophia Chang.


So I had the pleasure of having a table at MoCCA Festival along with other Parsons students including Katie Turner, Beryl Chung, Grace Lang and Christine Young.  Check out their stuff!

I felt like I was in a microwave the entire time, the humidity of everyone’s body sweat evaporating and condensing was absolutely delicious! I say that sarcastically. On the real though, MoCCA was an awesome experience, being in a room with upcoming artists and surrounded by printed matter! Afterall print is slowly slowly dying…

I specifically enjoyed the Norwegian, Swedish and German/Berlin tables, offering some great perspective on their visual language. Just sitting at the table and watching the different unique people pass by was an experience of its own. I started sketching down all the interesting people I saw towards the end of my stay.


Thanks for the firsthand account, Sophia!  Make sure to check out Sophia’s website and blog for more about her work.