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Ilustrarte Children’s Book Competition



ILUSTRARTE is a Portuguese competition for children’s book illustrators worldwide. The competition takes place once every two years and awards a grand prize of 5,000 Euros to the winner of the competition. Illustrators from all over the world are invited to take part and send three original illustrations, published or unpublished.

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Last Minute: Hand Drawn illustration competition by Print Magazine

What is illustration today? Is it pen-and-ink on paper? Vectors on pixels? A cut-paper scene captured in a photograph? A hand-stitched portrait with a touch of Photoshop? We think it’s all of the above. And now, we want to see what illustration is to you.

Submit your work to Print Magazine’s first-ever illustration competition!


This competition is open to all participants and all illustrations styles. There are no restrictions and all entries will be judged equally.  All files must be submitted electronically and be 2MB in size or smaller.

Entry fees

$60/campaign or series


October 1, 2010


$500 for best in show
$250 for two runner ups

Placement in the magazine and on printmag.com


Email Print Magazine at printcomp@fwmedia.com
Or call 715-445-4612 x13430

[Illustration by Lauren Nassef]

Stella Lee’s piece chosen for American Illustration 29!

Skein, Stella Lee, graphite on paper

It is our pleasure to announce that Senior-year Illustration Program student Stella Lee had a piece selected by a distinguished jury to be published in American Illustration 29 annual. It was 1 of only 388 selected from 8,033 entries.

The work was created this fall in Senior Thesis with Jordin Isip. This is a high achievement and honor, congratulations to Stella!

3×3 call for entries!

3×3 SHOWS 2010


Click here to enter

The 3×3 ProShow is the only truly international competition for illustration. No other show is as completely international. While many shows showcase the work of their own country’s illustrators, 3×3 features the best work from all over the world.

Winners will be invited to participate in the next 3×3 Illustration Directory which is mailed out free to a highly targeted list of 6,100 art directors and art buyers in the US.


This year they’ll be awarding a cash prize of $1,500 for Best of Show winner and cash value prizes of $750 for each of the gold medal winners. This year all winners will receive paper certificates suitable for framing.


Open to all art directors, editors, designers and illustrators.


This year’s categories include: Advertising, Animation, Books, Editorial, Fashion, Gallery, Institutional, Medical, Self-Promotion, Sequential, Three-Dimensional and Unpublished.

The Judges

Nicholas Blechman, Art Director, New York Times Book Review

Stephanie Glaros, Art Director, Utne

Martin Colyer, Design Director, Reader’s Digest UK

Matthew Bell, Art Director, Scotland

Sheri Gee, Art Manager, Folio Society, UK

Christopher Silas Neal

Tatsuro Kiuchi, Japan

Nigel Buchanan, Australia

Paul Wearing, UK

If you have any questions please contact Jessica at shows@3x3mag.com, 212 591 2566 or at the studio, 718 435 4047 between 10:30am-6:30pm EST.


Click here to enter

The 3×3 Student Show is the only truly international competition for students majoring in illustration, featuring the best work from all over the world. Top honors in their past two shows have gone to young illustrators in Germany.

Each year they receive entries from all corners of the globe, from every major art school. Whether it’s Art Center, School of Visual Arts, Ontario College of Art and Design, University College of Falmouth, Kingston University, the Royal College of Art or other leading colleges and universities.  Work is judged by illustrators who are also educators.


This year they’ll be awarding a cash prize of $1,000 for Best of Show winner and cash value prizes of $500 for each of the gold medal winners. This year all winners will receive paper certificates suitable for framing.


Open to all undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students who were attending school during the 2009 calendar year.


This year’s categories include: Advertising, Animation, Books, Editorial, Fashion, Gallery, Institutional, Medical, Self-Promotion, Sequential, Three-Dimensional and Unpublished.

The Judges

This year’s judges included illustrators/educators:

Andrzej Klimowski, Royal College of Art, UK

Geoff Grandfield, Kingston University, UK

Anke Feuchtenberger, University of Applied Science, Germany Thom Sevalrud, Sheridan Institute, Canada

Pol Turgeion, Université du Québec, Canada

Scott Bakal, Massachusetts College of Art

Marcos Chin, School of Visual Arts

Each entry is judged on a scale of 0 to 4, 4 being the best. To be included in the show an entry must be given either 3 or 4 points by a majority of the judges. To win a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal a majority of the judge’s must give the piece a score of 4 points. To receive a Best of Show more than a majority of judges must give the piece a score of no less than 4 points.


The panel for this year’s show is being selected. Details will be posted in late February.


3×3 Children’s Show Entry deadline: April 16, 2010

Call for Entries: Student Submissions for Society Illustrators 2010 and American Illustration 29

(Click on image below to enlarge and get all the important details about how Parsons Illustration students can submit to these important and prestigious illustration competitions!)

ADC Young Guns Competition Call for Entries!


Visual arts, media, and design today are in a state of daily evolution, cross-pollinating ideas between their many disciplines. Industry categories that once defined the creative professional–photography, illustration, graphic design, architecture, fashion, advertising, the list goes on–have expanded to include newly synthesized versions of these fields. These days, a spirit of hybridization is on the rise, bucking tradition to fuse any number of creative pathways in search of a new direction. At the forefront of this ongoing revolution, the minds of ambitious young visionaries are at work and in play.

ADC Young Guns exists to identify the vanguard of creative professionals who let loose their imaginations, shattering conventions and breaking boundaries with a dash of brilliance and personal flair. Those of you who’ve set your minds to making a name for yourself, raising new standards from within cubicles, conference rooms, cramped apartments, and studios across the world–this is your chance to put those battle cries in action. If you’re age thirty or under and have two years of the working life under your belt, they’d like you to show them what it’s all about.

On a quest to identify the brightest young professionals across myriad creative disciplines, ADC Young Guns has become more than just a competition–it now comprises a community network of rebels and prodigies, unsung heroes and rising stars. Over the years, our roster has grown to include six classes of exceptional talent, among them Stefan Sagmeister (YG1), Rei Inamoto (YG4), James Victore (YG1), Ryan McGinness (YG2), floto+warner (YG5), Alexander Gelman (YG1), Deanne Cheuk (YG4), Todd St. John (YG1), Scott Stowell (YG3), and Mike Mills (YG1). Old Young Guns serve as the jury and select the fifty new creative wonders that form each new class of ADC Young Guns.


Entrants must be 30 years of age or younger when the entry site opens on March 19, 2009, and must have been working professionally for at least 2 years (both full-time and freelance work qualify).  A proof of age will be required in the form of a Passport, State ID or drivers license from all entrants.

If you are a student with two years of the working life under your belt, you are also eligible to enter. Previous ADC Young Guns entrants ARE eligible to enter, but past ADC Young Guns winners are NOT eligible to enter subsequent cycles of the competition.

ADC Young Guns is an international competition open to all who qualify.


6-10 pieces of professional and personal work. A maximum of 3 pieces can be personal work. The rest must be professional, published work. Unpublished and client-rejected spec work counts as personal work.

Work entered does not need to have been created in a particular year – entries will be judged as a portfolio of work. Choose wisely. Pick projects that showcase the full range of your skills. Submissions need not conform to any specific media categories. Your submitted portfolio may feature work in one medium or several.

ENTRY DEADLINE: May 13, 2009, 11:59 PM EST.

Ready to prepare your portfolio? Review the Entry Instructions first.

Questions? Please contact info@adcyoungguns.org or visit their site.

Good luck!

Communication Arts Competition


Here are the official guidelines:

Deadline: March 6, 2009

Enter the most prestigious competition for creativity in illustration, the 50th annual Communication Arts Illustration Competition. Any Illustration first printed or produced between March 12, 2008 and March 6, 2009 is eligible. Selected by a nationally representative jury of distinguished designers, art directors and illustrators, the winning entries will be published in the July 2009 Illustration Annual. Over 70,000 copies of the Illustration Annual will be distributed worldwide, assuring important exposure to the creators of this outstanding work. As a service to art directors, designers and art buyers, a comprehensive index will carry telephone number, e-mail and Web addresses of the illustrators represented.

What to Enter

Illustration first printed or produced between March 12, 2008 and March 6, 2009 is eligible. Entries may originate from any country. Explanation of the function in English is very important to the judges. Submission of entries acknowledges the right of Communication Arts to use them for publication and exhibition.

Illustration Competition Categories/Fees
These categories are judged by the illustration jury and will appear in the 2009 Illustration Annual:
Advertising: $30 single entry/$60 series
Books: $30 single entry/$60 series
Editorial: $30 single entry/$60 series
For Sale: $30 single entry/$60 series
Institutional: $30 single entry/$60 series
Motion/Animation: $60 single entry/$120 series
Self-Promotion: $30 single entry/$60 series
Unpublished: $30 single entry/$60 series

Each illustration is a single entry. A printed piece with several illustrations must have a dot or some other mark indicating which specific single illustration is to be judged. If a single illustration isn’t indicated, the entry will be disqualified.

Campaigns or series are limited to five illustrations. If the entry has more than five illustrations, indicate which five are to be judged. If this isn’t indicated, the entry will be disqualified.

How to Enter: Information on preparation of entries and forms.
Illustration Competition FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about applications and file formats.

Good luck!

88th Annual Art Directors Club Call for Entries!


The Art Directors Club has posted the official guidelines and deadlines for their 88th Annual Call for Entries.  Here’s a summary:

IL218 BOOK (Commercially Published Volumes Only)
IL221 CORPORATE/INSTITUTIONAL (Annual Reports, Brochures, Etc.)

  1. All Illustration entries, excluding books and physical volumes, should be mounted on Bristol boards with a roughly one-inch (3cm) margin.
  2. Illustrations alone will not be accepted: no fine art.
  3. For works less than 24 x 34 inches (metric A1) in size, please submit mounted originals, printed copies, proofs, reprints or tear sheets trimmed as published. Oversized entries may be represented by scaled artwork reproductions or in-situ photographs, mounted on boards.
  4. Non-English-language entries must be translated into English or have a typed English translation taped to the back of the board.
  5. For single entries, tape the printed Entry Label to the back of the board.
  6. Series entries consist of three to five (3-5) components. Please tape the printed Entry Label to the first board in the series and number the back of each board accordingly (1/3, 2/3, 3/3, etc.).
  7. Do NOT hinge, tape or “accordion” boards together.
  8. For Book categories (PH204, IL218), only commercially published volumes are accepted

For a full listing of information, check out the official website here.  Good luck!

“Beasts! in Movies” Competition

Jitter-Magazine has announced an international illustration competition Beasts! in Movies.  Here are the details they passed along to us:

Jitter is the only German magazine focusing on illustration, comic art, and animation. Each issue covers a key issue like “drawing”, “music”, “laughter”, “fashion”–the forthcoming issue (October) covers “beasts”. In our categories interview, artist portrait, art show, image+narration, we present illustrators and designers, talk with art directors, publishers, university lecturers, gallery owners; we review comics, dvd, books on illustration, design, animation and fine art and related theory.

The main purpose of jitter is not only to show great artwork and artists but to have a close look at their context. We look on contemporary and historic illustration in regard to philosophy, psychology of perception, semiotics, media theory and art history. We believe that picture making is deeply rooted in mankind and not a thing of modernity or luxury.

Beasts! in Movies Competition
Entry of this competition is free.
Deadline is September 30th, 2008.

Beasts! What would man be without the creature? Whether admiration or contempt, emotion or horror, the ambivalent relationship between man and creature has been the source of countless stories of all cultures.
Seeing himself as creation’s crowning glory, man keeps his distance to nature only to use it as screen for all kinds of desires and fears. Over and over again this has been the reason for movies; whether they aim for
a romantic view of a primordial lost world, used at the same time as a metaphor for the innocent of childhood or they aim for the darkest nightmares of an unnameable evil hidden in any unknown terrain — even in our own basement. The fascination of the creature is a never ending source.

All professional illustrators and students of art programs are eligible to enter. Work must be dated after August 2007 and should have beasts who appeared in movies as a theme. These beasts can be real, fantastic, harmless or menacing. The manner of the beast’s demeanor, its appearance alone, in pairs or in masses, as well as the staging of the encounter between human and beast are interesting starting points.

Work must have the size relations 1:2,35 (cinemascope) and be submitted in digital format. Work will be
evaluated through a professional jury. All selected work will be showcased in Berlin in an exhibition at a cinema of the Yorck cinema-group. Faber-Castell and Adobe have kindly made available prizes amounting to Euro 3300.

We are especially happy to have a distinguished panel of judges including Armin Abmeier, Publisher (Die Tollen Hefte), GER; Andrew Coningsby, Representative (DebutArt Ltd & The Coningsby Gallery), London GB; Dr. Rolf Giesen, Deutsche Kinemathek Berlin, expert for phantastic film, GER; Steven Guarnaccia, Parsons New School for Design, New York USA; Andrea Offermann, Illustrator, GER; Prof. Albrecht Rissler, Illustrator, GER; Sabine Witkowski,Curator and Cultural Manager, H. Torsten Wolber, Illustrator, GER.

Download an entry form here!  Good luck.