Communication Arts Competition


Here are the official guidelines:

Deadline: March 6, 2009

Enter the most prestigious competition for creativity in illustration, the 50th annual Communication Arts Illustration Competition. Any Illustration first printed or produced between March 12, 2008 and March 6, 2009 is eligible. Selected by a nationally representative jury of distinguished designers, art directors and illustrators, the winning entries will be published in the July 2009 Illustration Annual. Over 70,000 copies of the Illustration Annual will be distributed worldwide, assuring important exposure to the creators of this outstanding work. As a service to art directors, designers and art buyers, a comprehensive index will carry telephone number, e-mail and Web addresses of the illustrators represented.

What to Enter

Illustration first printed or produced between March 12, 2008 and March 6, 2009 is eligible. Entries may originate from any country. Explanation of the function in English is very important to the judges. Submission of entries acknowledges the right of Communication Arts to use them for publication and exhibition.

Illustration Competition Categories/Fees
These categories are judged by the illustration jury and will appear in the 2009 Illustration Annual:
Advertising: $30 single entry/$60 series
Books: $30 single entry/$60 series
Editorial: $30 single entry/$60 series
For Sale: $30 single entry/$60 series
Institutional: $30 single entry/$60 series
Motion/Animation: $60 single entry/$120 series
Self-Promotion: $30 single entry/$60 series
Unpublished: $30 single entry/$60 series

Each illustration is a single entry. A printed piece with several illustrations must have a dot or some other mark indicating which specific single illustration is to be judged. If a single illustration isn’t indicated, the entry will be disqualified.

Campaigns or series are limited to five illustrations. If the entry has more than five illustrations, indicate which five are to be judged. If this isn’t indicated, the entry will be disqualified.

How to Enter: Information on preparation of entries and forms.
Illustration Competition FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about applications and file formats.

Good luck!

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