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James Jean is Releasing a new Monograph “Rebus” – Come Celebrate with us at Reed Space

Join us as we celebrate the release of Rebus, a new monograph by the artist James Jean. The book signing will be held at Reed Space, 151 Orchard St between Stanton St and Rivington St. Other books by the artist will be available for sale including Rift, XOXO, and Kindling. The event will take place on Sunday October 23rd from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. We look forward to seeing you there! Additional information can be found here. (Parsons Illustration Alumnus Sophia Chang (’10) helped to organize this event.)

Rebus showcases everything from James Jean’s eerily dreamy oil paintings to his illustration work. The new monograph is the culmination of a well thought out and fully articulated instillation. James leaves us feeling fulfilled as he showcases his creative milestones even including never before seen pages from his sketch book.

Upcoming show at Giant Robot: Adrian Tomine

tomine at giant robot

Illustrations and art by Adrian Tomine will be shown in a new show at Giant Robot, which opens on December 8th with a book signing. Adrian’s most recent work, Shortcomings, has garnered critical praise from all over. Here’s an excerpt from the New York Times book review:

Tomine has always been attracted to love gone wrong among the hesitant young men and women of the bourgeois-bohemian set, but he gets his subject across in the unsentimental style of an anthropologist’s report. Unlike the more playful graphic novelists who influenced him, Daniel Clowes (“Ghost World,” “David Boring”) and the Hernandez brothers (“Love and Rockets”), Tomine isn’t given to flights of surrealism, rude jests or grotesque images. He is a mild observer, an invisible reporter, a scientist of the heart. His drawing style is plain and exact. The dialogue appearing inside his cartoon balloons is pitch-perfect and succinct. He’s daring in his restraint.


Read the full text of the review here, head over to Giant Robot website to see a little sneak peek of the art that Adrian will be showing, and if you can’t make it to the show, pick up your own copy of Shortcomings through Drawn & Quarterly.

Adrian Tomine
Shortcomings and Goings
Opening: Saturday, December 8th @ 6:30 p.m.
Giant Robot
437 East 9th Street