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19 works from the Parsons Illustration Program selected for the 2013 Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Exhibition

Parsons Illustration seniors Kristin Chae, Kristen Davis, Annalise Olson, Annie Seo, and Meghann Stephenson, and recent graduates Leah Goren, Katie Gross, Masuko Jo, Su-kyung Lee, Rachel LevitChelsey PettyjohnMonica Ramos, and Julee Yoo  (class of  2012) were selected by a distinguished jury to appear in the 2013 Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship exhibition. Only 271 works were chosen from a record 8,595 submissions. Congratulations to them and their teachers!

Scroll down to view the selected works or go to: Parsons Illustration Program Winning Images

Kristin Chae, Happy Birthday, Noel Claro (faculty); Underground, George Bates (faculty)


Kristen Davis, Go to the Devil, Junior Concepts, Sergio Ruzzier (faculty)


Leah Goren, Kurosawa Pattern, James Yang (faculty); Bees Pattern, Jordin Isip (faculty)


Katie Gross, Play Ball 01, Printmaking, Scott Nobles (faculty)


Masuko Jo, Odori, Senio Thesis 2, Jordin Isip (faculty); Wifi, Senior Thesis 2, Jordin Isip (faculty)


Su-kyung Lee, The Bedroom, Senior Thesis 2, Jordin Isip (faculty)


Rachel Levit, Pool, Sr. Thesis, Jordin Isip (faculty); Philip Larkin, Sr. Thesis, Jordin Isip (faculty)


Annalise Olson, Skeleton Parade, Senior Thesis, Steven Guarnaccia (faculty)


Chelsey Pettyjohn, Commandments: To Covet, Senior Thesis 2, Jordin Isip (faculty)


Monica Ramos, Naked Ladies 2Jordin Isip (faculty); Blue Eyes, George Bates (faculty)


Annie Seo, Meeting, Senior Thesis, Steven Guarnaccia (faculty)


Meghann Stephenson, Wet and Dry, Junior Concepts, Sergio Ruzzier (faculty)


Julee Yoo, Offering, Independent Study, Nora Krug (faculty)


Julee Yoo, Whim, Senior Thesis 2, Frank Olinsky (faculty)



Jeanine Gleaves designs a cover for Time Out!

Senior Thesis faculty Frank Olinsky spearheaded a fantastic project which resulted in this week’s cover for Time Out NY which was drawn by Illustration senior Jeanine Gleaves (see above!).

In fact, all of the seniors created versions of a cover for the “Free Things to Do” Issue.

Jeanine’s is on newstands, a few others are inside the magazine, and the complete set is featured on Time Out’s website.

All the submissions are really fabulous and you should definitely check them all out: newyork.timeout.com/parsonscontest

Congrats to Jeanine, Frank, and all the students involved in this rad project!

Frank Olinsky and his work with the Smashing Pumpkins

FO Aeroplane Flies High

Illustration Adjunct Faculty Frank Olinsky was recently interviewed about his extensive design work for Smashing Pumpkins.  He talked about his interactions with the band, his influences, and the outcomes.  There are also some really great sketches included that show the creative process.  Here’s a little snippet:

You’ve been involved over the years in several Smashing Pumpkins projects, the first of which was under the role of art director for the band’s double album, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. For those of us who aren’t very familiar with the graphic design world, what exactly does that entail?

FO: The art director is responsible for the overall “look” of a project. The process begins with an initial concept and proceeds in stages to completion. Sometimes the concept comes from the art director, sometimes from the client, and sometimes out of a dialog between them. The art director may seek out appropriate pre-existing images or suggest creative talent to execute new images. He or she then orchestrates the creative process through final production, working with photographers, illustrators, designers, or other visual artists to achieve the desired result.

How did you come to be involved with the band? Did you work alongside the band on the art, or was it mostly through their record label at the time?

FO: The band had creative control over the package. That basically meant that I interacted directly with Billy and passed the results on to the record company. I was first contacted by someone who worked closely with the Pumpkins. They called me up and asked if I would be interested in designing the band’s forthcoming album package. I was already a Smashing Pumpkins fan – in fact, I was listening to Siamese Dream when I received that preliminary phone call. Of course I said yes.

A short while later, I got a call from Billy. He described the music on the album Mellon Collie as ‘psychedelic music played by a heavy metal band from the 1920s’. Pretty good description don’t you think? I figured that if I were going to be working with him closely over a long period of time, it would be helpful to know why he had chosen me for the project. He said he owned quite a few CDs that I had art directed/designed and he liked that I didn’t have one style that I imposed on all my projects. Rather, he felt that each was a good design that fit the particular recording. Besides being flattered I thought that here was someone with a keen eye who knew exactly what he wanted. I felt we could collaborate on some great things, and that turned out to be true.

Make sure you peruse the whole thing here.  You can see more of Frank’s work on his blog and his official website!

Quick Hit: New Header and Poster Series for Next New Networks


First things first, look up at the top of the blog and check out our new website header designed by Illustration Adjunct Frank Olinsky!

Secondly, Mr. Olinsky has been busy with some other great projects as well, including his work on a series of posters for Next New Networks.  Frank’s favorite so far (soon to be published) is above and you can check the rest out at his blog.

Thanks, Frank!

Frank Olinsky designs logos & gets interviewed!

olinsky logo 1 olinsky logo 2 olinsky logo 3

Illustration Adjunct Faculty Frank Olinsky is a busy man! He recently created his third logo for media wizard Fred Seibert’s Next New Networks, a new kind of media company, creating micro-television networks over the internet for targeted communities, bringing together elements of TV programming and internet philosophy to allow viewers to contribute, share and distribute content. His latest logo is Goggleburn: Online TV You Gotta See. Previous, more illustrative logos were created for Bleacher Bloggers and Metal Chik: The first online network for jewelry making and trends.

olinsky sonic youth

Additionally, our friends over at the Spraygraphic Sprayblog interviewed Frank about his artistic process. Here’s a snippet:

SG: How did you get into being an artist/designer for record companies (CD Cover work) and companies like MTV?

FO: A few early album covers somehow came my way, and after designing the MTV logo, musicians, managers and record companies began contacting my former design studio, Manhattan Design.

SG: What kind of deadlines do you work with when producing this kind of work?

FO: That ranges from a few weeks to months. I’ve even had a CD package drag on for several years.

SG: Do the companies come back to you and say “change this” or “change that?”

FO: Always!

SG: How much are you willing to change? Is there some kind of negotiation process you go through?

FO: I try to be flexible and receptive. I know that I am not always the best judge of what is the best solution to a design problem. Negotiation? Let’s just say on more than one occasion told the client to take the job back and find someone else to do it.

Read the rest of the interview here and also make sure to check out the comments below the interview for some lovely appreciations of Frank’s fine work.  Congrats, Frank!

[images by Frank Olinsky]