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Frank Olinsky designs logos & gets interviewed!

olinsky logo 1 olinsky logo 2 olinsky logo 3

Illustration Adjunct Faculty Frank Olinsky is a busy man! He recently created his third logo for media wizard Fred Seibert’s Next New Networks, a new kind of media company, creating micro-television networks over the internet for targeted communities, bringing together elements of TV programming and internet philosophy to allow viewers to contribute, share and distribute content. His latest logo is Goggleburn: Online TV You Gotta See. Previous, more illustrative logos were created for Bleacher Bloggers and Metal Chik: The first online network for jewelry making and trends.

olinsky sonic youth

Additionally, our friends over at the Spraygraphic Sprayblog interviewed Frank about his artistic process. Here’s a snippet:

SG: How did you get into being an artist/designer for record companies (CD Cover work) and companies like MTV?

FO: A few early album covers somehow came my way, and after designing the MTV logo, musicians, managers and record companies began contacting my former design studio, Manhattan Design.

SG: What kind of deadlines do you work with when producing this kind of work?

FO: That ranges from a few weeks to months. I’ve even had a CD package drag on for several years.

SG: Do the companies come back to you and say “change this” or “change that?”

FO: Always!

SG: How much are you willing to change? Is there some kind of negotiation process you go through?

FO: I try to be flexible and receptive. I know that I am not always the best judge of what is the best solution to a design problem. Negotiation? Let’s just say on more than one occasion told the client to take the job back and find someone else to do it.

Read the rest of the interview here and also make sure to check out the comments below the interview for some lovely appreciations of Frank’s fine work.  Congrats, Frank!

[images by Frank Olinsky]