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After the Fact: ICON5 & Xerox project

As a sponsor of ICON5, held July 2 – 5 at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York, Xerox Corporation worked in partnership with ICON5 to produce a deck of cards as a commemorative gift for the more than 400 illustrators who attended. ICON5 organizers arranged for top students from three New York design schools – the Fashion Institute of Technology, Parsons The New School for Design and the School of Visual Arts – and the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, to contribute original illustrations and designs by 52 students.

“As illustrators, we don’t go to an office every day, so ICON5 is a great opportunity to be around people who do what we do, to talk about trends and issues and to get re-inspired,” said Whitney Sherman, president of ICON5 and chair of the Illustration Department, Maryland Institute College of Art. “It’s important for ICON5 to use projects like the deck of cards to engage our future attendees. And for the students, it’s a great opportunity to get exposure to a few hundred of the world’s top illustrators, designers and others who can influence their careers.”

She added: “From an academic perspective, the project fits well with contemporary educational models of  blending creativity and professional development. It gave students creative freedom and realistic deadlines.”

To develop the cards, each school was assigned one suit – clubs (FIT), diamonds (MICA), hearts (Parsons) and spades (SVA) – and the school’s chairpersons or deans overseeing illustration programs selected 13 students to provide card designs.

Congratulations and thanks to all of the students involved in this unique project: Cat Lauigan, Arlette Espaillat, Emmanuel Tavares, Nick Gannon, Lindsay Podd, Jesse Tise, WoonHye Bae, Christine Young, Sae-am Lee, Jasmine Wigandt, Roxanna Vizcarra, Toby Liebowitz, and Lindsey Balbierz.

[photo of Jasmine Wigandt with her contribution to the deck]

Early Notice: ICON5

adam mccauley

ICON5 will be held in New York City at the historic Roosevelt Hotel in midtown Manhattan. The theme of this year’s conference, The Big Picture, is more than a slogan, it is the perspective through which we see our future – a future of limitless possibilities for illustrators as thinkers, story tellers and providers of creative content. The conference promises to examine and discuss the current creative and economic forces that every illustrator and our industry face today.

Parsons Adjunct Faculty members Jordin Isip and Tara McPherson will speak on the following panel:

Gallery 101
Saturday, July 5, 2:00pm – 3:00pm

Martha Rich with
Tara McPherson, Jordin Isip and Jonathan Levine

The increasing popularity and success of the small gallery has created a need for new, affordable and original art. Exhibiting in a gallery is a great way for illustrators to expand beyond traditional forms of illustration and generate additional income. How do you take that next step into the exhibiting world and get your work out of the studio and on the gallery wall? Illustrator Martha Rich questions gallery curator Jonathan Levine and illustrators Jordin Isip and Tara McPherson about the challenges and successes connected to their gallery experiences. Curious about showing your work in galleries, curating your own shows or developing a new line of revenue and expanding your creativity? This session is for you.

Other ICON5 speakers are: Marshall Arisman, Steven Bliss, Enrico Casarosa, Allan Comport, Andrew Coningsby, Tad Crawford, Ronnie del Carmen, Chrystal Falcioni, Mark Gallagher, Von Glitschka, Rudy Gutierrez, Mirko Ilíc, Jordin Isip (Parsons Illustration Adjunct Faculty), Barry Jackson, James Jean, Jerelle Kraus, David Lanham, Jonathan LeVine, Luba Lukova, Ross MacDonald, Gedeon Maheux, Leonard S. Marcus, Tara McPherson (Parsons Illustration Adjunct Faculty), Stephan Martiniere, Tim Mendola, Mitch Nash, Gary Panter, Daniel Pelavin, Louisa Saint Pierre, Ina Salz, Keri Smith, Mark T. Smith, Greg Spalenka, James Sturm, June Walker, and Robert Zimmerman.

July 2-5, 2008
New York City

Registration info can be found here.


[image by Parsons Illustration Alum Adam McCauley]