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Ingo Fast–Illustrator and World Traveler

Friend of the Illustration Department and Parsons Alum–Illustrator Ingo Fast–spent almost a year traveling around the world, illustrating the whole time.  When he got home, he relaxed a little while.  And then set out once again, this time for thirteen months!  Recently, How Magazine featured an article about his journeys and work; you can read the whole article here (just use the small arrows at the bottom to advance pages).  You can also see images from his travel here and here.

Fascinating stuff!


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Illustrator Ingo Fast’s year long, slow trip around the world posed difficulties not only in respect to the various modes of transportation he chose, but also in how he would continue his work as an illustrator. Often it wasn’t just the work itself or how he would carry it (e. g. cramped on a bus or train, balancing his drawing pad on a sailboat, finding a quiet corner in a hotel lobby or working in the children’s playroom of a public library). Also a challenge was discovering which means of communication would be available to transmit his sketches and illustrations: from slow dial-up internet connections to not too stable satellite phone-to-laptop hook-ups.