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Carol Peligian solo show at Dean Project

Carol Peligian
Exhibition dates: Through February 12th

Official Press Release!

DEAN PROJECT gallery is thrilled to announce “Sosomuch”, a solo exhibition of new paintings and sculptures by Carol Peligian. The exhibition continues Peligian’s alchemical seduction of material possibility: aluminum, oil, enamel, latex are equally employed to generate an altered state existing somewhere between atmosphere and stratosphere. These works alternately confront and quietly elicit questions related to the idea of infinity and existence.

The work’s delicate construction and implacable physicality provide the viewers with a space where the surrounding and the self become one in spirit. The understanding of material/form is evident in each of the works. Moreover, the integrity with which Peligian has approached her subjects, results in a paradoxical visual experience of reality/reassurance and the mystery of the purity of time/space. The juxtaposition of the organic and manufactured as they trade boundaries, make more permeable the borders between the work and the viewer.

Carol Peligian lives and works in New York City. Her drawings and sculptures have been shown in both the United States and Europe. Current work includes a recently installed outdoor public sculpture. Two projects are in proposal, one of which is Mountain of Tears, a Threnody, to be installed on the banks of the Providence River. In 2008-09, she had a solo exhibition, Transfluence. at MOBIA (The Museum of Biblical Art) in New York City. She has taught at the Rhode Island School of Design and has been a faculty member at Parsons School of Design since 1994 where she currently teaches drawing.

Nearly, 2009-10 Rolled and painted aluminum 3.5' and variable dimensions

Congratulations to Carol on this tremendous accomplishment.

Transfluence–Carol Peligian at MOBIA


Illustration Part-time faculty member Carol Peligian has a show up at the Museum of Biblical Art called Transfluence.  Here’s the official description:

Transfluence brings together familiar visual forms – paintings, drawings, and sculpture – to concentrate on a subject beyond our experience. Two- and three-dimensional images pose questions essential to an inquiry that crosses cultures, on the nature of grace. They appear to reference forms we know, yet when juxtaposed, intertwined, or fully melded with their opposites, each is not neutralized but intensified, and a new order is indicated. Is what we see corporeal or spiritual; actual or evanescent; beautiful or terrible; a whisper, a touch, or an irrestistible, consuming force? The effects of time and transformation are both implied and directly evident in the images, as external and inherent color and light change as we observe, and as figure and ground vie for dominance. We are unsure if the implied time is measured in milliseconds or millennia, or if the transformations will lead to successful outcomes or dead ends. The surface of each art work reflects its viewers, and it is our recognition and questioning of the elements present that create meaning, as a conscientious observation of natural forms will do. But are these natural forms, or are nature and our experience only the beginning? What will the inquiry do to us in terms of time and transformation, and what can we discover of grace, within and without?

Transfluence is on view through January 18, 2009. There will be a “Meet the Artist” event this week on Thursday, November 20th from 6:30-8:30 p.m.  
Congratulations to Carol!
Museum of Biblical Art 
1865 Broadway at 61st Street
New York, NY 10023-7505
Telephone: 212-408-1500
Email: info@mobia.org

Illustration Faculty Member Carol Peligian in group show at Number 35

peligian wallpaper number 35

The Illustration Department’s own Carol Peligian will be part of a group show at Number 35, curated by Ron Keyson of Wallpaper LAB. Here’s an excerpt from the official press release for the show:

Monastic life in a 12th century scriptorium and artistic life in a 21st century studio converge in a contemporary exploration of the illuminated manuscript form.

Eleven artists, ten texts and Marilyn Minter’s “merry merry” tree, oscillate as one meta-installation, posing the question, “Can books, magazines, newspapers and online information still evoke resonant images?”…

The installation itself will echo the image of lines of text: The ten works to be laid out on a single white page/wall. The gallery itself is illuminated as a sign.

This is not Carol’s first project with Wallpaper LAB. She has created work for them in the past like 2006’s Avian Lux, seen below.

avian/lux peligian


Don’t miss this unique show and the opportunity to see Carol’s work up close and in person.

Holiday Reading
Opening, December 1, 2007
Number 35
39 Essex Street
New York, NY

(Image by Carol Peligian)