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Illustration Faculty Member Carol Peligian in group show at Number 35

peligian wallpaper number 35

The Illustration Department’s own Carol Peligian will be part of a group show at Number 35, curated by Ron Keyson of Wallpaper LAB. Here’s an excerpt from the official press release for the show:

Monastic life in a 12th century scriptorium and artistic life in a 21st century studio converge in a contemporary exploration of the illuminated manuscript form.

Eleven artists, ten texts and Marilyn Minter’s “merry merry” tree, oscillate as one meta-installation, posing the question, “Can books, magazines, newspapers and online information still evoke resonant images?”…

The installation itself will echo the image of lines of text: The ten works to be laid out on a single white page/wall. The gallery itself is illuminated as a sign.

This is not Carol’s first project with Wallpaper LAB. She has created work for them in the past like 2006’s Avian Lux, seen below.

avian/lux peligian


Don’t miss this unique show and the opportunity to see Carol’s work up close and in person.

Holiday Reading
Opening, December 1, 2007
Number 35
39 Essex Street
New York, NY

(Image by Carol Peligian)