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Art Book Swap at MoMA on February 6th

Art Book Swap New York

February 6, 2010 from Noon to 5pm

The Museum of Modern Art
Cullman Education and Research Building
4 West 54th Street (between 5th and 6th Avenues)

Free and open to the public/ Bring your art books and swap one-for-one with hundreds of donated art books.

For more information about the Art Book Swap event, please contact abs@newartdealers.org

Organized by Regency Arts Press Ltd. and New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) in collaboration with The Museum of Modern Art Library.

Hazel Santino illustrates for the Vera List Art Collection

FINAL writing award poster 08.04.09

Click on the image above for a full-size version of Illustration Junior Hazel Santino’s fantastic poster illustration for the Vera List Art Collection Writing awards.  Look for the posters around the New School community soon!  We’ll also be blogging about the contest itself soon–it’s a great opportunity for students to express their analytical and/or their creative side by engaging some of the amazing art we have right here in our buildings.  So keep your eye out for those details.

Congrats, Hazel!

Parsons/Poketo Wallet Jam Results!!

Through a partnership created with POKETO, Parsons Illustration held a wildly successful wallet jam on Sunday. The six-hour event yielded more than 60 entries for our Poketo competition. Judging of the ever-so-tasty submissions took place the next day with Angie and Ted from Poketo, American Illustration’s Mark Heflin and our own departmental chair, Steven Guarnaccia.

POKETO designs limited edition art products, accessories, apparel and decor, taking art off gallery walls and making it part of everyday life.  Congrats to our winners: Sophia Chang, Stella Jiyeun Lee, Shu Okada, Emmanuel Tavares and Chris Yip! And thanks to everyone who participated!

“Beautiful Losers” screening at Open Space Gallery

Straight from the Illustration Inbox:

Open Space Gallery in Beacon, NY has the honor of hosting one of the far and few between screenings of the inspirational film “Beautiful Losers.” This film basically features all of our favorite artists such as Barry Mcgee, Margaret Kilgallen, ESPO, Geoff McFetridge, Shepard Fairey, Jo Jackson, Chris Johanson, Harmonie Korine, and many others and focuses on a culture and period of time we find very close to our heart. This film is a must see and once you see it you will leave inspired to make art.

Below are the details for the screening.

Sunday July 20th
6pm to 9pm
The Howland Cultural Center
477 Main Street
Beacon NY

Seating at the Howland is very limited ( about 80 people) so we have set up a place where you can pre purchase tickets to assure that you get a chance to see this amazing film.

Click here to pre purchase tickets

Hope to see everyone at the Howland!

Thanks to Adjunct Faculty Dan Weise for passing along this info!  Also, as a bonus, here’s a trailer for the movie:


Repost and Reminder: Electric Windows in Beacon, May 17th-18th!

May 17th-18th

24 street artists will converge in Beacon, NY from May 17th to May 18th to create live artwork and have their work installed on the exterior of a 19th century factory building. Electric Windows draws its name from the former electric blanket factory at the foot of Mount Beacon that will act as the backdrop for the event. E.W. turns the idea of a gallery inside out using the large industrial windows as frames for each artists work. Usually street art is not so easily contained in a rectangle but this installation ingeniously bridges the gap between indoor and outdoor art both inverting and subverting the concept of the art gallery. Each of the 24 pieces will be approximately 8 ft x 12 ft. The installation will be on display for 12 months.

Electric Windows coincides with the fifth anniversary of DIA:Beacon and Sitelines, a Hudson Valley arts fair. The project will be documented from the beginning of the weekend through completion of the installation for possible future publication.

There will be a companion show of Electric Windows artists at the Open Space gallery (owned by Adjunct Illustration Faculty Dan Weise!). Featured artists include Ron English (NYC), Above (San Francisco), Ripo (Barcelona), Lady Pink (NYC), Michael De Feo (NYC), Jim Darling/Tina Andersen (Los Angeles), Rick Price (Beacon), Peripheral Media Projects (Brooklyn) and Dan Funderburgh (Brooklyn) and many more…

Organizers will also be flying in DJs for the latest version of Next Step, a live art and dance party that has been gaining ground as the place for locals and expats from Brooklyn and Manhattan alike.

This weekend should be an unprecedented convergence of the arts from live street art to high end museum pieces that will have heads turning to Beacon.

Electric Windows Beacon
1 East Main Street
Beacon, New York
May 17th-18th

West Coast Alert: Witnessed from Afar at Carmichael Gallery

Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art presents Witnessed From Afar, a showcase of artwork by Andrew Pommier, Irina Troitskaya, Karen Preston, Ken Garduno, Mel Kadel, Michael Hsiung, and Parskid. In an atmosphere of effervescent quietude, gorgeous misfits and delicate animals float across paper, cardboard, and wood – lost and lonely, but swelling with emotion and extraordinary grace. Evoking forgotten pains and philosophical yearnings, the artists contemplate the oddities of life and death with warmth and sincerity, yet always maintain their distance. Witnessed From Afar will be on view April 26 through May 18, 2008.

Get more info about the artists involved here!

Carmichael Gallery Presents:
Witnessed From Afar

Featuring Andrew Pommier, Irina Troitskaya, Karen Preston,
Ken Garduno, Mel Kadel, Michael Hsiung, and Parskid
Exhibition Dates: April 26 – May 18, 2008
1257 N. La Brea Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90038

[Thanks to Nora Krug for the tip!]

Georges Seurat: The Drawings @ MoMA

seurat drawings

Georges Seurat: The Drawings
October 28, 2007–January 7, 2008
Museum of Modern Art

Once described as “the most beautiful painter’s drawings in existence,” Georges Seurat’s mysterious and luminous works on paper played a crucial role in his short, vibrant career. This comprehensive exhibition—the first in almost twenty-five years to focus exclusively on Seurat’s drawings—will present over 135 works, primarily the artist’s incomparable conté drawings along with a small selection of oil sketches and paintings. Surveying the artist’s entire oeuvre, from his academic training through the emergence and elaboration of his unique methods to the studies made for his monumental canvases (such as the renowned A Sunday on La Grande Jatte), the exhibition will also present important new research on his artistic strategies and materials.

In bridging description and evocation, Seurat masses tones to abstract figures, weaves skeins of conté crayon to test the limits of decipherable space, and engages with the Parisian metropolis, illuminating urban types, revealing the ever-expanding industrial suburbs, and offering a tour through the world of nineteenth-century popular entertainment. Most of all, his dramatization of the relationship between light and shadow resulted in a distinct body of work. Though Seurat is perhaps best known as the inventor of pointillism, this exhibition will demonstrate his tremendous achievement as a draftsman and the significance of his working methods and themes for the art of the twentieth century.

Visit the online exhibition here.

See a list of all related events here.

Read/see an interesting essay on Slate here.

The Museum of Modern Art
(212) 708-9400
11 West 53 Street,
between Fifth and Sixth avenues
New York, NY 10019-5497

Remember that New School students can get
into MoMA for free with their student IDs!

LitGraphic: The World of the Graphic Novel

kuper lit graphic

LitGraphic: The World of the Graphic Novel
on view at the Norman Rockwell Museum
November 10, 2007 through May 26, 2008

A burgeoning art form with roots planted firmly in history, graphic novels, or long-form comic books, have inspired the interest of the literary establishment and a growing number of readers. For today’s aficionados, graphic novels, with their antiheroes and visual appeal, are positioned to usurp the role that the novel once played. Focused on subjects as diverse as the nature of relationships, the perils of war, and the meaning of life, graphic novels now comprise the fastest-growing sections of many bookstores‹an accessible, vernacular art form with mass appeal.

This comprehensive exhibition explores the history and diverse artistry of the graphic novel, featuring personal commentary and artworks by celebrated historic and contemporary practitioners. Original book pages and studies, sketchbooks, and video interviews provide insights into an evolving and exciting art form. Artworks by Jessica Abel, Sue Coe, R. Crumb, Howard Cruse, Steve Ditko, Will Eisner, Brian Fies, Gerhard, Milt Gross, Marc Hempel, Niko Henrichon, Mark Kalesniko, Peter Kuper, Harvey Kurtzman, Matt Madden, Frans Masereel, Frank Miller, Terry Moore, Dave Sim, Art Spiegelman, Lynd Ward, Lauren Weinstein, Mark Wheatley, Barron Storey and others will be on view.

The exhibition is taking place at:

The Norman Rockwell Museum
9 Glendale Road, Route 183, Stockbridge, MA 01262

Admission is $7.00 for college students with valid school I.D.

For more information and a gallery of images from the show, go here.

(Above illustration by Peter Kuper)

The Beast Within: An Exhibition of Monster Art

supertouch show

Announcing the official Supertouch Halloween art show, “The Beast Within,” curated by Jamie O’Shea, opening October 31st at the East Village’s SHOWROOM NYC GALLERY in conjunction with Tristan Eaton’s Thunderdog Studios. Featuring introspective monster art reflecting the participant’s personal demons (hence the title), the show features new & original work by over 65 artists including Pushead, Phil Frost, Stephan Jay Rayon (Hysteric Glamour), Doze Green, Eric White, Ron English, Louie Cordero, Tristan Eaton, Andy Cruz/House Industries, Mars-1, Steve Bliss, Shepard Fairey, D*Face, REAS (Todd James), Travis Louie, Rhode Montijo, Friends With You, Nathan Cabrera, Tim Biskup, Eric Elms, Kelsey Brookes, Jim Woodring, Mark Dean Veca, Erik Foss, Gary Baseman, Slick, Nathan Jurevicius, James Jean, Usugrow, Glenn Barr, Mike Moon, Gomez Bueno, Pete Fowler, Rick Griffin, Nate Van Dyke, Stanley Mouse, Andrew Brandou, Makoto Kobiyashi, Miran Kim, Peter Taylor, Scott Campbell, Jordin Isip, Melinda Beck, Joel Dugan, Jeff Soto, Elizabeth Huey, Jacaeber Kastor, Mark Smith, Carl Dunn, Junko Mizuno, Mike Sutfin, Rich Jacobs, Taylor McKimens, WK Interact, 123 Klan, Filth, Calma, and many more. Lots of surprises are in store, including limited-edition merchandise like the Pushead-designed shirt (produced by 10 Deep) shown below. New York City’s the best place on Earth to spend Halloween and “The Beast Within” is the best place to spend your hard-earned dough on some amazing artwork. Don’t be late, first come, first severed…

For more info: http://www.supertouchblog.com/2007/10/19/nycannouncing-the-supertouch-halloween-art-show/