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R. Sikoryak: Sponge Bob and Mitterand!

Parsons Illustration Alum and Adjunct Faculty Member R. Sikoryak is full of news these days!  First off: he’ll be drawing a one page Pirate cartoon for each issue of the new bimonthly series, “SpongeBob Comics.”  The first issue is out now, and it features “The Pirates’ Code o’ Comics Collectin’.”  See above for a peek at his work!  You can find more info about the book here.

Secondly, during Bob’s visit to the Angouleme Comics Festival, he met Frédéric Mitterrand, the French Minister of Culture and Communication (and nephew of  François Mitterrand), at the museum’s Parodies Exhibit.  A number of Bob’s original pages of art are also in the gallery!  Check it out:

You can see more pix from the exhibition here.

Congrats all the amazing stuff, Bob!