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Mike Perry designs for Semigood

Illustrator Mike Perry is a new addition to the Parsons Illustration stellar roster of adjunct faculty!  For those of you not in his Materials and Methods class, and as a way of introduction, we’d like to highlight a project Mike participated in recently.  Here’s the scoop:

Boutique furniture company Semigood Design, based in beautiful Seattle, boasts an impressive lineup of products….With a nod to the past and to Danish styling, the furniture is functional, locally-sourced and sturdy. And with the new flat pack ready-to-assemble line, it’s put together in about 5 minutes.

Semigood recently collaborated with Mike Perry for a customizable, limited-edition asset to their Rian collection (see image above!). Adding to their already colorful product line, Mr. Perry left his singular mark on the stools in the form of a playful surf-aquatic theme. Playful and appropriate: Semigood is donating considerable proceeds from the sales to the Surfrider Foundation.

In addition to this project, Mike always has a lot of other things in the hopper.  You can check out his website for more!  Welcome to the Illustration neighborhood, Mike.